Rate the Last Movie You Watched

Have you by chance read Tolkien’s version of Sir Gawain and the Green Night?

Quite good!

I suspect that the new Downton Abbey movie will be a good non-biopic traditional drama; that very type of movie you mentioned.

It will be eagerly anticipated, given the popularity and acclaim that the TV series had.

I hope that it will also be well-received!

Over the last decade or so, there have only been two episodic TV series that I’ve watched with any regularity: Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.

Some less “brainy” movies I am looking forward to …

John Wick 3 … the long anticipated Godzilla movie (I hear it will be followed by Godzilla vs. King Kong) … Zombieland 2 (big fan of the first) with the original cast maybe they will croak another famous actor … then there’s the final trilogy of the StarWars franchise chap. IX.

The John Wick films have been good.

I don’t necessarily mean intellectual films. I consider the Branagh film coming out to be such, but that’s really not the kind of film I meant. I will probably check out Godzilla.

Yes, I have read Tolkien’s translation of Gawain and the Green Knight. That poem is fascinating to me (Joseph Campbell has written in-depth about it), and if you go to England you will see the face of the Green Man alongside other statuary and gargoyles and the like in old churches.

Went to see Detective Pikachu with the boys last week. It’s a kids movie and the stars are the Pokémon itself. I’d say that they did a fantastic job bringing the Pokémon to life and showing them off. As someone that has followed it for awhile after the kids got into it, it was an amazing site seeing all of it. Great job there.

The humans though…yikes. Not exactly the best actors outside of Ryan Reynolds (who’s great as Pikachu). Two leads are bad, especially the female as she basically has one emotion and face.

Plot isn’t great either as it doesn’t make much sense and the “swerves” can be seen from a mile away.

But, the kids loved it so I can’t complain.

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The Longest Day
It is a classic that reminds everyone what freedom is all about. Being from Normandie you can imagine what it means to me and my family. Whenever I see an older gentleman I try to engage in a conversation. Yesterday’s ceremonies exemplifies why the greatest generation is so special. It is also another reminder how our armed forces today are protecting our freedom. Thank you to everyone who have served or are serving for your service and your love for our country.

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Dark Phoenix

Disclaimer: haven’t seen an XMen movie since First Class and I know only some of the Dark Phoenix story, but got a $4 discount from TMovile so took the wife and two younger kids.

A bit slow to start until something happens to one of the characters (not Jean Grey). Once that happens, things pick up and the rest of the movie is pretty balls to the wall action with a decent story. Really enjoyable and the kids (9 and 11) were happy as well.

A Quiet Place

Missed all the hype on this when it came out, but it’s out on Hulu now so I figured I’d watch it. Really solid movie that builds the tension and sets up the ending well. Last 30 minutes are edge of your seat stuff…I will say that the last scene is a bit corny, but it doesn’t ruin the film. Strongly recommend.

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The German Doctor
It will give you chills
It will make you think about the hidden route
It will make you think about re-reading the history books.
It will keep you on the edge of your seat
It will make you think that this should never, never, never happen again.

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The Sisters Brothers

Another one on Hulu; I remember that the trailer intrigued me and this has a star-studded cast with Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly, and Jake Gyllenhall. This is a western about two bounty hunters that are sent after a chemist who has a way to find gold. As the movie chronicles the trip of both parties, you can see the characters motivations change as they ultimately meet-up. I’m a sucker for good Westerns and this one doesn’t sugar-coat the problems the groups encounter. Good stuff.

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MIB international.

I give it a C minus. It fails to capture the fun of the original. There just doesnt seem to be real chemistry between M and H. Hemsworth really leans into his comedy skill, think of funny Thor.

They even have a Thor related gag. I also thik its a problem. It seems movies think well we want to be like a marvel movie, lets add in their kind of humor. Sadly, they try to be something they are not and it shows. ( looking at you new Star Wars, Last Jedi)

The plot just seems to move along yet there no really interesting set pieces.

The cast all have great resumes but it just felt like a mailed in effort. You can see all the plot twist from miles away.

If you must see it save money and see the cheaper matinee showing or wait for it to get to a dollar theater.

Sadly it is forgetable, it just doesnt capture the awe and fun of the first one.


The Downtown Abbey movie is going to suck. And I say this as a big fan, who will be there opening night.

But the whole point of the show was the evolution of the family’s role in society. Two hours isn’t enough to do that. It’s going to be the hustle and bustle of preparing for a role visit, Maggie Smith doing her thing, and probably Thomas trying to screw something up.

It’s too much of a slow burn to work as a movie. I’m going with low expectations. But I’m going.

Rewatched 3 movies this weekend.

Olympus has fallen- Good movie, action packed and butler does a good job redeeming his characters failed mission in the beginning. 8/10

Limitless- a little pill that does it all. I’ve watched this one at least 7 times and it doesnt get old. Just like inception 8/10

The 5th element - if you dont like this one idk what to tell you. It’s a classic. 9/10

Mentioned it but I have to say Inception is one of my favorites. it’s one of those movies you have to pay close attention too as every detail is important. Leonardo does a great job in all his movies and this is no different.

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Ok CM here is my take.

Olympus and London has fallen are OK, not great. But if I land on them while on TBS I stop and watch.

Not going to argue Inception. I am a huge Chris Nolan fan. However, if you have not watched the Prestige you will love it. I like it better than Inception and Interstellar.

Memento by Nolan is another to watch.

I am a huge scifi fan, I hate the 5th Element is just doesnt work for me.

The prestige is a good movie. One of the few movies that had me completely taken back. I dont think its better than inception but its up there. Havent watched Memento so ill look that one up and get back to you. 5th Is one of those movies that you just dont forget. I dont think its amazing but its a classic. lol

Look forward to hearing what you think of Memento.

I will throw out another movie that I recommend.

End of Watch. It did not do well at the box office. It is the story of two police officers who are partners in LA. It’s from he same writer of Training Day. The banter in the squad car and friendship seemed real. You feel like you are eavesdropping on them and would have enjoyed another hour of their squad car banter. It’s one of my favorite films.

End of watch is a good movie. You’re right the camera inside the car and them going trough the motions seem realistic and unscripted. It’s a well done.

I’ll raise you the movie Burnt. It’s kind of like hells kitchen but with a story.

Thanks I will check it out. What service is it on?

I have seen Burnt. It was good, I like Bradley Cooper. It reminded me of 100 foot journey

Here is another movie I will recommend.

The Kingdom. A saudi police captain helps US agents flush out at terrorist cell.

Great cast: jamie Foxx, chris cooper, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner.

Ok here are two more I just rewatched recently and I would recommend. Both are sci-fi movies.

I am a fan of Danny Boyle films…28 Days Later, Slum Dog, 127 hours, and Trainspotting to name a few.

With that in mind I recommend Sunshine. Sunshine is really good, it sort of sputters at the end but Imtend to love serious sci-fi. On a mission to revive earths dying sun, a spaceship crew encounters a distress signal from a ship that disappeared 7 years earlier.

The other I recommend is Moon with Sam Rockwell. It’s not a long movie by current films coming in at about 90 minutes.

Astronaut Sam Bell’s (Sam Rockwell) three-year shift at a lunar mine is finally coming to an end, and he’s looking forward to his reunion with his wife (Dominique McElligott) and young daughter. Suddenly, Sam’s health takes a drastic turn for the worse. He suffers painful headaches and hallucinations, and almost has a fatal accident. He meets what appears to be a younger version of himself, possibly a clone. With time running out, Sam must solve the mystery before the company crew arrives.

I think it’s on Netflix. Enjoy.


Avengers Endgame

Finally got around to seeing it before it left the theaters. Jam-packed with plot, characters, and action…loved it. Great, albeit bittersweet, ending for the original crew. However, I love how they also set up the next phase.

Only complaints were that it was long and it felt like they needed to rush through a few storylines. I hate when franchises break up the last movies (Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter), but this one might have actually been better being split up and allowing a few stories to breathe.

But, I was happy with it in the end. Definitely a must watch if you like the MCU.