Rate the Last Movie You Watched

(Ryon Adams) #21

Have you by chance read Tolkien’s version of Sir Gawain and the Green Night?

Quite good!

I suspect that the new Downton Abbey movie will be a good non-biopic traditional drama; that very type of movie you mentioned.

It will be eagerly anticipated, given the popularity and acclaim that the TV series had.

I hope that it will also be well-received!

Over the last decade or so, there have only been two episodic TV series that I’ve watched with any regularity: Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones.

(Dave) #22

Some less “brainy” movies I am looking forward to …

John Wick 3 … the long anticipated Godzilla movie (I hear it will be followed by Godzilla vs. King Kong) … Zombieland 2 (big fan of the first) with the original cast maybe they will croak another famous actor … then there’s the final trilogy of the StarWars franchise chap. IX.

(Sam) #23

The John Wick films have been good.

I don’t necessarily mean intellectual films. I consider the Branagh film coming out to be such, but that’s really not the kind of film I meant. I will probably check out Godzilla.

Yes, I have read Tolkien’s translation of Gawain and the Green Knight. That poem is fascinating to me (Joseph Campbell has written in-depth about it), and if you go to England you will see the face of the Green Man alongside other statuary and gargoyles and the like in old churches.