Raylen Sharpe

Hey coogfans! Just heard from my daughter who is class of 2020 at Allen that Raylen Sharpe is now a COOG!! Welcome to the family.


Pretty nice hurdle times. His twitter makes it seem like he will do both football and track, wonder if he will be on scholarship.

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Wow. That kid can move. He will be a great change of pace back, and while he certainly isn’t a D1 level qb I wouldn’t be surprised if Holgo used him similarly to singleton this year, with a bit of wildcat or some trick plays.

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very speedy back…had FB offers from Arizona, Air Force, Army, SMU and Holy Cross…very nice pick up for Coogs!!

Great pickup for sure! Welcome home Raylen!

I think he is track only:
Raylen Sharpe


20’ ATH and hurdler at the university of Houston #HTownSpeedCity



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Pretty sure it is for both. He has ATH on his profile because he doesn’t know exactly how he will be used here for football.


He was originally going to SMU for football, but they wanted him to sign early. This article says he ran a verified 4.36 40!


Maybe it has changed but my recollection is that:
IF he is on scholarship for track, he can’t be on the football team.
IF he is on scholarship for football, he can be on the track team.
IF he is not on scholarship at all, then he can be on both as well.

It makes sense if he is track only. He will make more money as a world class hurdler than he will
in football. Either way WELCOME!

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Why did SMU rescend it’s offer?

didn’t sign in the early signing period


World class hurdlers are welcome on the football team with open arms. (Speaking for a slightly bald, media hating, redbull drinking friend.)


I hope he sticks it to SMU on the field.


I’m hoping that he is on a football scholarship AND is also a star track hurdler.

He can help us to win national titles in BOTH sports!


I am always happy to add speed to our team. I’m always hoping for another Patrick Edwards type player, you can never have too much speed.


He tagged Carrier in his tweet. Its for both


THAT is great news. Most track stars that I’ve seen play football over perform their expectations…just because of speed.

Aka, “pulling a Sasser” :grin:

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