I love this. Even Piland gets in the mix


Oh yeah…good stuff.

I did a post a couple years ago that listed all of the Cougar records. I think most are still intact.

the david piland stat, most passes in a game w/o am int, that was interesting.

That game was very deceiving. If I’m not mistaken, that was the Louisiana Tech game right after we got embarrassed against Texas State. That game the offense looked completely different from the debacle that Nesbitt rolled out there. When this game transpired we were all fooled that Bush was going to have potential as an offensive coordinator. Of course the rest of the season proved otherwise.

LA Tech’s defense was terrible in 2012 which played a really big role in that. We also had a couple of garbage time touchdowns.

Agree but it was such a drastic improvement from the Texas State game and Texas State didn’t have a great defense either. If I’m not mistaken that was their first FBS game. It was all such a nightmare season, slowly able to forget.

Yes, La Tech had a bad defense, but so did (do) 3/4 of the teams in the FBS. David Piland takes a lot of flak around here because he quarterbacked during some of our leaner seasons, but he had talent and character. He had the misfortune of playing under a bad OC and having multiple concussions. I’m glad he has his name in our record books, and think we should just let him get the credit for it without any disclaimers or asterisks.


There were a lot of times that I assumed he had a concussion and times he did have a concussion and still played. It was sad that he was forced to quit because of persistent side effects/issues.

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Piland is a great Coog and still supports UH. I remember him attending a few of the basketball games this past year and was sitting next to Pezman and Khator for them.


Well said. He is very loyal and a great teammate. I remember him cheering on and supporting others after he got sidelined. I wished he could have been more successful because of his character, now I just hope that he doesn’t have any future health issues.


Texas State is a good head coach away from being a powerhouse. For recruiting they have location between two of the ten biggest cities in the U.S. to draw from, a clean spring-fed river on campus for beautiful coeds to tan alongside, and a good faculty and smart administration. There are three new restaurants in town and new housting developments. For an eighteen year old guy that place is hard to beat.

They could be, but their fanbase is lackadaisical, their stadium is tiny, they can’t fill it unless they play a good school, and they’re stuck in the Sun Belt.

Wife was going to Texas State just a few years ago; what you’re saying isn’t wrong, but they just don’t have the leadership in place on that campus to do more.

That’s fair. I like David a lot and think he got a raw deal in a lot of ways. He could have been a lot better than his final numbers indicated but some things didn’t go his way. He’s also a great Coog and we couldn’t ask for a better representative of our school.

It was a huge turnaround for sure. I remember thinking the problem was obviously Nesbitt at halftime of the LA Tech game because our offense looked so much better. That TXST game was brutal.

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It was! (Texas State) I kept thinking “any minute now we’ll get going”. Uggh.

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