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So my son will be entering HS this year. I know its a bit early but im looking to get started on the recruiting process. My biggest issue is S&C as Crosby’s gym would be embarrassing to a 1A school and i want to make sure i dont screw anything up with being a UH Booster while getting him on the right track. As of right now he is dead set on UH and would be a 3rd generation Coog and honestly would be happy just getting PWO status.


Just to be safe, I will NOT be giving you a new car!!!


Best advice I can give you is focus on academics. So many freshmen flunk the first six week period, he could end up a starter just on grades. Secondly, if he wants to play and D1 is saying no, his grades could give him , and you, an opportunity to get money and play ball.

As for D1, film don’t lie. If he’s a player, coaches will know his name. The trainers will tell you otherwise but save your money if thinking working with someone is due to “college connections”


It’s never too early to start the recruiting process. A university can’t officially talk to your son until after his sophomore year, but he can still get his name out there and get on the radar. If you don’t mind me asking, what position does he play?


Coach V is absolutely right. Once he starts playing, make sure he has a Hudl account. That’s the go-to film for recruiters.


My worry is he gets my genes and doesn’t put on weight till his mid 20s, he’s high function autistic so he’s got a bit of a mouth (think sheldon cooper) but hes the only person ive ever met who looked forward to conditioning drills


As for HUDL, put his special teams stuff up front. Knowing the kid plays gunner or returns kick is big. Even bigger, when a coach sees special teams first, they know the kid is a team player


My son was recruited as a LB. Out of HS he was 232.

The school has one do i need to make a separate one?

You shouldn’t. My son used the one the coaches put together for him.

Getting good grades with an emphasis on college prep classes is paramount. Also, If you are not happy with the school’s strength program, have you considered an outside professional such as a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association?

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i have no clue about anything, and i want to make sure i dont cause any violations by ignorance

One thing we got sucked into because we were clueless, was recruiting services. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to a service. Most high schools have a coach that helps athletes with recruiting and speaking with college coaches. They will set up meetings and help with talking to them.


I don’t know anything…but listen to Coach V.!


what would you recommend for S&C? were looking at getting weight sets for a home gym but i know enough from the army and my time in FB that you can screw it up quick if you don’t know what your doing.

I’m also pretty certain you don’t have to worry about the “booster” aspect with paying for stuff for your kids or someone for whom you are the legal guardian or else there would be recruiting violations for almost every D1 athlete.

Try the NSCA. A lot of it’s information is free on it’s website. Plus, they have an index/locator of NSCA professionals near you. I would suggest you pay for the training yourself so there is no question about violations.
As an aside for you to do with as you like- read up on Todd Marinovich. His story is a blueprint for what NOT to do to your kid.

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Crosby is a good program and will be playing for a state title. TAKE. HIM. TO. CAMPS.

Also if he can get on varsity by his sophomore year that’s a good sign. If not, that’s still not the end of the world!! Theres many NFL players who didnt get on varsity until junior or even senior year in a few cases.



I am following and enjoying this thread. My grandson will be the starting q-back at SJHS this fall. He is constantly working out to gain wt and strength. Not sure of his current stats but believe he is about 6’2" and well over 200 lbs. He has participated in track, swimming and wrestling winning many events and matches. He has outstanding grades. Needless to say I (like the other parents and grandparents on this board) am very proud of him. His brother now attends Bucknell. He hopes to get an Ivy league offer. We’ll see how it goes this year.


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