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I’m asking for a favor. Click on this recruiting article I wrote for I get paid by the page click. It’s about a 2019 4-star receiver (Jalen Curry) out of my alma mater, Stafford, Tx. Gridironnow is an SEC-centric site, so I’ll just add what him and his first head coach, Ken Savanah, said about our Coogs here,

Savanah on UH and new head coach Major Applewhite; “I think Major’s gonna do fine there. He’s been around and part of some good programs and being around good coaches you tend to pick up and absorb some of what they put out.”

And Curry said he has good relationships with the UH assts who travel down to Stafford. His WR coach and Co OC is Torrence Botts, who played on the basketball and football teams for UH in the late 90s/early 00s. Curry credits Botts for making him the receiver he is today. Hezekiah Jones played receiver w/ him last year and is a true freshman for A&M this year.

Other parts of the interview that were left on the ‘cutting room floor,’ if any of you are from the Stafford area you’ll enjoy this,

Coach Savanah on how he plans on coaching a team that made the state quarterfinals last season; “our systems won’t change a lot. There may be one or two things we tinker with but there won’t be a lot of changes. We’ve been successful the last 4 years I’ve been here. I expect us to have an opportunity to continue in the playoffs and be successful.”

Curry on the Stafford area (he’s been there since his freshman season); “they’re family to me. The community treats you well. I’ve really enjoyed being part of turning the program around.”


Oh and btw, tomorrow will be my penultimate “Summer preview series” article focusing on the WR’s and TE’s. The week after will be the QB’s. Thanks and have a great rest of your weekend.


Done! Appreciate the work you put in for us!



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Always willing to help out, Jimmy

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I clicked the link and read the article.

good job!

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I clicked on it and read it. Now, you have to talk to guy into coming to UH and it’s even Steven.


Sorry sir but he actually committed to FSU over the weekend. Smh

But thanks for the clicks everybody.

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Good article Jimmy,
I clicked once then I cleared my history and clicked again. That way you get multiple clicks. I did the same thing with the LA Times for the Case Keenum reports. It is annoying but it gives you access (sometimes) on a newspaper website.

At 6’.4" Jalen is the “ideal” receiver. Did he want a change of scenery? I understand we can’t win them all but this would have been a huge plus forus. It makes me wonder how we “sold” our FSU victory to him. Good luck to him unless we meet FSU again.

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FSU is a recruiting juggernaut under Jimbo Fisher. They put out players to the league ever year and are contenders for the national championship. Education probably comes second for a lot of these young men sadly. Jimbo is doing a good job recruiting Texas. FSU always has. I think they got the #1 rated DT in the last class, big kid out of Episcopal?

They got Marvin Wilson last year and the year before that they got Dontavius Jackson who was the #5 ILB and a top 100 overall talent.

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