Recruiting discussion: "Diamonds in the Rough"

I sure hope these “diamond in the rough” recruits pan out for applewhite. we should be having top 3 classes in the aac every year smh

We should have top classes in the AAC each year right along with UCF, USF, Cincinnati, Memphis, ECU & SMU. Wait a minute, when you said top 3, did you mean top 7?

top 3. we definitely should be having better classes than our division opponents smu, tulane, navy, memphis and tulsa.

Are you saying we should have more 5 star guys like Kyle Allen and less 2 star guys like Case Keenum?


allen was in a tough situation here due to herman leaving. if herman was here allen would have shined in his offense. not sure what point you are trying to make?

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Herman equal CMA offense.

Only difference was Ward running for his life !!


I’m really not sure of that…did any Herman’s qbs shine under his offense this year?


Herman is a fraud and will be revealed in the next couiple of years when with all of the resources at his disposal, I believe they will continue to under perform. UT on paper should win the National Championship EVERY year. They have more money than anyone else, get the best athletes, then fold.

They called him the “Quarterback whisperer” at OSU, but even though they won the national championship with the 3rd string QB, wasn’t he a good one? He would have started at most schools.

He saw the UH opportunity, the talent that was stacked in his favor. Got big bucks, made sure he could pay for TOP QUALITY Assistant Caoches. Key works being TOP QUALITY Assitants.

He will be revealed.

Go Coogs!


Time will tell on Herman. One very strong season and one very up and down year while at UH. A decent start with UT but the Tech loss was horrible and the offense was very anemic without a Greg Ward type. If he is not competing for the Big XII title this season then I think we have the answer. Keep hoping someone will hire Orlando away to see how TH does without the best part of his game plan.

You should check out Bob Shipley telling HS athletes via Twitter they need to put team needs ahead of their own. A UT coach preaching about “commitment”? Like walking out of a 5Yr contract after two years? Or like firing a coach with a 5Yr contract after Year 3?


no it doesnt…the offense we ran when johnson was oc was different than the one we ran with herman here.

one was a freshman… ask me this that after this season.

How about sign more 5 stars like Ed Oliver and bring in less transfers like Kyle Allen. :slight_smile:

C’mon now, let’s be real. The reasons that Ed came to UH were that (1) his brother was here, (2) his HS coach was here, and (3) the UH head coach lied to him about his future at UH.

Anyone that thinks or expects that all of these circumstances will be repeated again within the next decade is either extremely optimistic or delusional.


WoodMarkCos, your statement is valid, but within the next decade realignment will occur and if UH becomes a P5 then I’m quite sure UH will have a few 5 star athletes on its roster. Until then we will be heavily relegated to 2 and 3 stars and transfers. With all planets aligned, we possibly could get a 5 star.

I was more making the point that you used Allen as a 5 star recruit example. I used him as an example of a recruit that was struggling at his current school than transferred to UH for another chance. Redshirt freshmen that get home sick and decide to come back to Houston or starters for P5 schools that have graduated and want to come play for Houston are good. Transfers that were given a shot and couldn’t make it and think UH is the easier path to starting, don’t often work out regardless of their rating coming out of high school.

I’ll take highly rated jucos over high school stars that washed out in P5 any day.

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So we do want 5 star guys?

had herman stayed him pretty sure we could have gotten a 5 star. look at all the big time recruits we were in the running for when he was here.

“Diamonds in the rough” gave us our best season in years. What have we gotten out of Herman’s great recruiting classes?


Can you really blame recruits on a predictable offense and bland defense? Not to mention they were all freshman and sophomores last year.

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