Recruiting discussion: "Diamonds in the Rough"


Diamonds in the rough produced Bowser, Ayers, Jackson, farrow, Erob, etc…so I’m ok with those as long as coach has a feel of what talent they are looking for.


LOL Bowser and Ayers werent diamonds in the rough…they both had p5 schools going after them.

We got Applewhite as a coach, so there is that.

Let’s all remember that Herman’s two recruiting classes were right after he was the OC on a national championship team and right after we won the Peach Bowl. Therefore his recruiting classes were probably not negatively impacted by the product on the field.

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So did Farrow. In fact, all 3 of them were P5 commits at one point.

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Were they committed to other schools? I don’t remember

bowser decommited from ok st. ayers decommited from washington st.

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Farrow from Colorado.


Applewhite’s first class was coming off a big win season and 2 years removed from the Peach Bowl as the OC.

Definitely. The two big time wins were great and should have been a boon for recruiting. The downside is that it was also the season that the supposed “superstar hc” left, b12 did not expand, and we had a really bad result in Vegas (could be a recruits initial impression of CMA as a hc).

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Can we end this lame thread already…it no longer has anything to do with the thread title


We will first need to sign more brothers like Marcus Oliver so their younger brothers will want to follow them to UH. LTH is credited with recruiting EO, when he himself siad he was going to UH as soon as CTL signed Marcus.


You may cease reading anytime you wish.

Thanks for the advice…but I clicked on the thread looking for information on our new commit but had to scroll all the way up before I got any

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We really don’t know how CMA’s first class will do until they are at least juniors. We do know that we lost a host of NFL quality players and had a problem coming to grips with who should be QB and the 5* transfer was not the best for our system. In addition,our OC and OL coach were at odds and our offense suffered (as did our fans, I might add). But, after a one year learning curve, I think we will be resurgent this fall.

For our fans to think that we have some kind of inherent right to be the conference champ is unfounded. Despite all those who say this is a crappy conference, the AAC has some very good teams and winning the championship is not all that easy. Or as “Coach” used to say, “thay give scholarships too.”



Recruiting can be a fickle thing. High stars sometimes just do not pan out, and then there are diamonds in the rough. Even great recruiters sometimes make mistakes. Give me the hard nosed kid with football smarts who is internally motivated all day long. Frankly, the uncertainity of how it all comes together is one of the things I love about college sports.
AAC is a very good conference. As much as I want to get to a P5, I am content here at the moment. I am predicting 10 wins this year only because going unbeaten is so darn hard. We have the ability to win them all if we come ready to play each week, execute, and don’t have too many mistakes. Just hope that the loss(es) do not keep us out of the conference championship game.

That isn’t really an excuse though. It’s like Leach hiring an OC, firing him after one game, promoting a RB coach to OC and then Leach fans blaming the coordinators for the problems. Applewhite did have complete autonomy when hiring his first staff right? Obviously not so much when hiring Briles.


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