Recruiting Rankings

(Chuck) #1

Son is headed to UofH to play baseball in one of the next couple years. During the recruiting process we reviewed recruiting classes of the last few year via Perfect Game to compare them with other programs and thought some of you might find it interesting.

2014 Class

Overall national rank was 88.

2015 Class

Overall national rank was 54.

2016 Class

Overall rank was 36

2017 Class

Overall rank was 84

2018 Class

Overall rank is 59

2019 Class

Current rank of 57 but obviously there is a year to go on this class.

2020 and beyond classes only contain 1 commit so no point going there yet.

Point(s) of all this? First, I believe the staff has done an excellent job of evaluating talent that fits what the program needs and how they play. Secondly, the talent they bring in gets developed. The draft picks, especially guys not drafted out of high school that became draft picks prove this. The championships, regionals and rankings prove this as well.

Just found this interesting when we were comparing UofH to other schools where my son had offers and wanted to share. Feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

(Patrick) #2

Agreed. Whitting and staff do a fantastic job of not only recruiting talent, but developing that talent and ensuring that the players don’t become complacent.

This is the most talent that we’ve had in a long time and this team is a legitimate CWS contender. It will be interesting to see how the new staff operates,especially with the change from Anderson to Rooney, but I doubt much will change with Whitting still at the helm.

Baseball, along with men’s track and field, is the top program at UH and the future is bright.

P.S. Thanks for the rankings and congrats to you and your son for committing to the Coogs!

(VancouverCOOG) #3

Excellent read. Welcome to the Cougar family.


Nice read, going through the process as well, still got couple HS years left but he’s got some D1 offers so far. Many congrats to y’all