Recruiting tidbit FIU making a move?


So I just accidentally noticed FIU has a verbal commit from a top JUCO DT. So I got curious. Here are their top verbals for 2018 class. I’ll be watching their progress with great interest!

(Paul Marlow) #2

Didn’t Humphrey visit us? I believe he has a younger brother in the Houston area that is a touted player.


6-5 350? lol Double teamed for life!

(Patrick) #4

Yep, we offered him, but I’m guessing he wanted to start and he wasn’t going to do that here.


Not in a 3-4.

(srassen7) #6

Not surprising that FIU/FAU are killing in recruiting. There’s so much talent in SoFla that Miami couldn’t come close to offering them all.


All of the guys in the picture except Thomas had multiple P5 offers from perennial powers. That says a lot for FIUs recruiters that they can get this type of player.

(Jay C.) #8

The Butch Davis effect