Only bad thing about the staff getting 2020 done so early is there is nothing to talk about until the season gets closer lol.


Hahaha… Right. Plus 2021 is so far off as far as signing Day counts. Forces me to hang out more on the football section.

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Well, there IS football since this IS football season.

I’m more of a casual football watcher just waiting on college basketball and the NBA to start.

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@pesik any idea who the staff is prioritizing in 2021 with the live period starting today? I know the big names they have offered but haven’t heard much.

it has to be keon edwards as #1…he said we were top 2 for him in January…and a recent recruiting article for him had a paywall, so i couldnt read it but the tweet about it tagged “#gocoogs” so im almost certain it said we are still in the running

i think he should go into football…but we are still recruiting duece fathree hard …

Daimion Collins we are recruiting extremely hard

and this is pure peculation by me (with no evidence what so ever) but most elite from young players nowadays set their schedule to graduate in 3 years, wouldnt be shocked to see griggs in the 2021 class

I hope we are still high with Edwards. It’s hard to know with a lot of the top guys transferring out of state.

Every year the staff pulls somebody in we didn’t even know about so I’m curious to see who that will be for 2021.

i think our 2021 class is going to be big 5+ players…hoping for high impact guys

Definitely need multiple frontcourt players in 2021.

Interesting. Keon Edwards transfer to a prep school and he might reclassify to '20.

Collins will wind up as a McDonald’s All-American, calling it right now. Love his game.

In the past CKS said he didn’t think they could get many 5 :star:. That’s why I’m wondering who they are prioritizing. Collins, Edwards and Love are going to eventually have the blue bloods coming.

Griggs is different with the connection CKS has with Harden.

CKS said that hmmm… You still try the back channels to get some feedback. You never know… We’re UH one of the premier basketball programs.

I wonder if CKS is done with 2020… And what’s the update with Grimes.

There definitely done with 2020 unless they know somebody else is leaving. They are one over the limit for scholarships for next year.

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That didn’t stop them in 2017-18 season when they had 14 on scholarship with Zunna getting financial aid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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