I know many of y’all have mentioned this before but I wanted to bring up another point with regards to naming a defensive coordinator. if we don’t name the defensive coordinator soon how are we supposed to recruit defensive players to come play for our team? they may know who the head coaches my last I remember, they spend most of their time with their coordinator and position coaches.

We have defensive coaches and co coordinator. Coaches don’t just recruit their positions. Herman did not hire his ol coach until after signing day.

Do you want a quick hire or a good hire?

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Todd Orlando was not hired at UH until January 5th, 2015. R-E-L-A-X!


Didn’t people complain about our offensive line the most? It’s kind of like saying the slowest employee makes the least mistakes.

Slow progress is progress.

Remember that at the grocery store when your line is moving the slowest.

I worked at a grocery store during college so I understand the business.

Ah ok and when did you work for an athletic department?

Never. I’m a science nerd.

I agree completely with your reasoning. Right hire not quick hire.

Maybe we should have waited longer. The cascade of negativity from our own fan base will hurt recruiting and the program far more than a year or two of poor defensive stats.


Henry Klinge III (SLC 3* OL) with offer. Also offered by Baylor, Army, UNT and Bowling Green. Taking unofficials to IU and UVa.

Looks like he is a wrestler which is great for interior line play.

Strange that he’s taking officials to schools that haven’t offered him. Guessing he’s hoping they will when he gets there. Other than the Bowling Green offer, the other three have been in the last 3 weeks.

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Hiller looks like he could get down in a stance and knock your block off!


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