Recruits on hand last night

Not sure if it’s allowed to post articles from Cougar Digest, so take it down if it’s not. But since it was a free article, thought I would take my chances. Good breakdown of the recruits who were on hand for last night’s beat down. K’Lavon Chaisson might have been the most outspoken of them all. I’m sure the undecideds are waiting to see what CTH will do, but love that we can generate such buzz with these games.


Awesome! Thanks for the share. I hope, we as fans, showed these kids the type of fun and atmosphere they could dwell in if they commit!

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I’d like to see some more big linemen being recruited. Could anyone share any information on OL recruiting?

Check out the Texas Lone Star rankings that @pray10 has been posting.

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This Gigapixel thing is good for something.


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