Red Raiders not worried about our defensive secondary

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Here is a quote from the article :

" If Bowman can preserve the same level of play without committing turnovers on Saturday**, against a Houston secondary that will give up plays through the air,** he should comfortably remain the starter through the end of the season "

We shall see, go coogs…


This was certainly true against Rice, but not true at all against Arizona (at least against the starters). I do think Tech will be a much better passing team than Arizona though. I believe this will be the best test of our secondary all year until we play Memphis and then UCF in the championship game. Looking forward to seeing what our guys are made of this Saturday.


Don’t sleep on the pass rush


What pass rush, lol, haven’t had one since Orlando, non existent last year and not much this year either


The pass rush could be key. Tech doesn’t have Zona’s line but they are thin on the O-Line and due to injury have to start a RS-Freshman( first full year in a D1 S&C program) at left tackle. Now he will have to go up against Chambers who is essentially a Junior in D1 strength and conditioning programs and due to transfer guidelines. That is a match up to watch, and don’t forget about the man himself:



USF has a good pocket passer too

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I wanted to see what the numbers show so thought I would share:


ok, don’t sleep on the D-line then…


Thanks for including. I haven’t seen Barnett play yet. Excluding USF’s game against FCS Elon (for obvious reasons), his passing numbers were ok against Georgia Tech (21-31, 202 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT). However, 6.5 yards per attempt and 9.6 yards per completion with a completion percentage of 68% is not good at all. Without having watched the game, it sounds like they were throwing a lot of screens and not much downfield. And I know absolutely nothing about Georgia Tech’s defense. So I’ll put USF in the let’s-wait-and-see category for now. It should be noted though that Barnett was also USF’s leading rusher against GT (16 for 91). 16 carries is a lot of carries; more than just scrambling. That makes me think he’s a bit more than a pocket passer.


Who cares what they think. The game is played on the field by the players.

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Right?!? Except for the pass rush that resulted in 3 sacks and 3 QB hurries against Rice and sack and 7 QB hurries against Arizona.


Cmon now H-Town, when Orlando was here that was a pass rush, go back and look at the Louisville game, no comparison, since D’Onforino got here our QB pressure is non existent go back and look at last years Tx Tech gm, ZERO pressure lol


true but Orlando had 3 nfl cbs and 4 nfl LBs and managed to give up about the same amount of points to be fair

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Not saying Orlando’s D didn’t bring more pressure, but you said non-existent and zero. It is literally impossible to have sacks and QB hurries without a pass rush, so…


Did the play where Tate fell down with no one touching him count as a sack?

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:laughing: Uh… no…


Seems like they plan to whip our OL too


Quote: “Red Raiders not worried about our defensive secondary.”

That’s OK; they don’t have to be worried to get beat!

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When Orlando was here, he had 5 future NFL players at the linebacker and defensive back spots. The line had more time to get the QB.


Yeah…look at what has happened to Orlando’s D in Austin when he lost all of that talent. Not saying Orlando is a bad coordinator, just adding to your point that the Coog’s D talent in '15 and '16 was underrated