Red & White for Rice Game


Rumor has it that we are supposed to wear Red on the lower two levels and White on the third…
Anyone else get this memo?

(Eric Prado) #2


(David) #3

It’s on the ticket that way:

Lower Level: Wear Red
Upper Level: Wear White

(Jimmy Morris) #4

Resale tickets have no info on them so between that and the amount of people that care to follow the instructions, I’m guessing it’s going to be spotty. If it says colors on the ticket, I’d ignore the twitter and other media suggestions. Most won’t see them.

(Jay) #5

Crap… I don’t own any white UH stuff… I guess I’ll have to remedy that.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

Try Dick’s

There is one across the freeway from me. Heard they have a decent selection but haven’t checked it out yet.


I’d have assumed that “upper level” is supposed to include the 200s, no?

(Eric Prado) #8

(Jimmy Morris) #9

So 200 level is lower on the home side and upper on the visitor side. Not confusing at all.


Sweet! I should have my red Houston Strong shirt in time for the game.

(Eric Prado) #11

I’m wearing this despite being in section 308.

(David) #12



I said this when we released the color scheme stuff, but TDECU Stadium really isn’t built to make a lower/upper color split look good. You basically need a bowl-style stadium – think Tech, or Michigan, or UCLA – so that the colors are right up against each other and the split is noticeable. And even then, I can’t find any cases of it working – I know Tech tried it in 2014 and it failed miserably.

(Mike Hull) #14

I don’t have a white UH shirt, either.

But I’d think plain white or plain red shirts would be fine if you don’t have one with the logo.

I’m just going to wear a plain white t-shirt–got a dozen of those.

(Mark Jacob) #15

So I wear red shorts and a white jersey? :smiley:[quote=“CougarDave, post:3, topic:8285”]
Lower Level: Wear Red
Upper Level: Wear White

(Paul Marlow) #16

Has anyone received their Houston strong shirts? I ordered mine before the UTSA scheduled game.

(Eric Prado) #17

No but I checked the tracking number. They should arrive today I believe.

(Paul Marlow) #18

Thanks. Probably should check my tracking number to see status.


I checked my tracking number yesterday and it said it would arrive Friday. Now it’s saying it will arrive Saturday. Really hope it arrives before I leave for the game. FedEx deliveries are still jacked up from the storm apparently.

(Paul Marlow) #20

Looks like my order comes Monday EOD.