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CDH is making this a thing. Personally, the optics are bad but building for the future is probably what is best for the program.


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Thanks for sharing though.


29 potential red shirts by my count.

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Why are the optics bad?


The guys playing look to be giving it a solid try. If “tanking” got us the #1 recruit in the country I could get behind the sentiment. Reshirting guys who should have been redshirted a few seasons ago is just planning ahead.

As for the media; when they start running stories of coaches leaving their old teams in shambles and mailing in their coaching duties because they have another job lined up I’ll give their opinion a listen.


I have no issue with the red shirting. It certainly worked for Bill Yeoman going into UH’s first season in the Southwest Conference. BUT, it only works if those red shirts come back the following year. And, I also, agree that the current team is showing fight…they could have beaten SMU for not stupid penalties and fumbles.


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Maybe someone could show us the list of redshirts.

Yeah, I agree that all true freshman will red shirt from the 2020 class unless we get someone like Achane’s talent.

Holgerson having to deal with all the injuries and still figuring out how to redshirt for future depth.


So will the open use of the redshirt for upperclassmen and admitting that it was not the spirit of the rule, will UH have a more difficult time getting medical redshirt cases approved?

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Pawdcast guys also have theirs going and goes much more in depth than JD:

I hope people know the Red shirt thing is only this year because what CDH inherited.

Another year in the program to get stronger, learn the playbook, acclimate to the system and coaching leads to a break out year next season. The transfers have been good for SMU, but I still like CDH redshirting when possible to build the program. We will be good for years to come under CDH.

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I meant upperclassmen like King & Corbin redshirting

Just a guess, but CDH will continue to use the redshirt rule, just no so heavy with upper classmen. I anticipate him redshirting as many freshmen and second year players in order to build the strength and experience of the players to benefit the school, the football team and coaching staff . . . . .


JD really doesn’t know that much. He knows the surface stuff to an extent and that’s about it.

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Pawdcast has us at 14 guys still redshirt eligible this season.

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