Refs sucked

we could have won despite them if not for mistakes but the combo of refs and mistakes did us in.


BYU got away with lots of holdings and Pass Interferences. No doubt, these aren’t neutral refs! So many times when they showed the replays for BYU you can see lots of holdings that the refs pretended not to see. With UH, they called everything! Not saying that was the only reason we lost, but the refs sure handicapped our guys with their one-sided officiation! There’s no telling how the game would actually turn out if the refs came to do their job with impartiality!


The nail in the coffin was the BS kick-catch interference.


It was the correct call. You may not have liked it, but he was within a yard of the returner. Ball hit his thigh he was so close.

Some of the holding, you have a point, but damn Paul was obvious with it. Frosh mistakes. He’ll be a good one.


we got out played and out coached.

blaming the refs just makes us / you look desperate. I felt the game was fairly evenly called.


Wouldn’t be a coog loss without blaming the refs. It’s not
Like we got out played and out coached. A 29-0 run is definitely on the refs.

There is no halo rule anymore. The receiver did not get touched and he had room to make the catch. I don’t know what you were looking at, but on the big screen there was room to make the catch. The ref didn’t throw the flag until after the play and we recovered.


Replay showed BYU player took it away

I will look at it tomorrow, but on the stadium screen it didn’t look like it to me.

BTW, the refs were from the B12 and Dana had a couple of comments about having to deal with them.

Section 4, article 1, paragraph b of the NCAA rule book.


We totally lost our mojo on offense after that onside kick recovery…that was crazy. We literally did nothing after that point.

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Alt least one of the refs has reffed the Clemson/Alabama National Championship. Not a group of lightweights

My son knows and respects three of the refs last night. Even tho, he was critical of their performance last night. Very uneven. They never could decide what was PI or wasn’t. Some hand fighting allowed, other not. Several plays where calls were made by out of position refs as well. Hard to say which side had the advantage in the questionable calls, but ours sure seemed to come at the most critical times.

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That is the very call we got against tulame, only that time it was in our favor.
Byu seemed to get into our head. You don’t win games when you shank punts, call fair catches on your one yard line and get called for 113 yards in penalties.
We fell apart after taking the 12 point lead late in the third quarter. BYU IMO is a good team, but we made them look better in the final quarter. Playing like we did late in the game not sure we could have beaten UTSA lol.
It’s not the end of a wacky and crazy season, but I still think if we can get our kids to play smart and keep their mouths shut, we can be a decent team.
Of course, I will never give up on my Coogs…


I keep asking the refs “which one is your kid ref?”. They never answered, so we may never know.

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“It was the correct call. You may not have liked it, but he was within a yard of the returner. Ball hit his thigh he was so close.”

I was stopped by the Popo early one AM because my license plate light was not bright enough . . . . . opinions vary . . . . .

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