Regarding our defense on the perimeter next year

This list is construed for the fact that Abilene Christian schedule was no way near Baylor’s or UH.

Let’s just give Baylor their due on winning the ship. Their 4 guards were outstanding.


Yes they were…

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The depressing part is our team was good enough to win it most other years. That Baylor team will be one for the ages.

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Both teams in the championship game were better.

Arkansas and UCLA would have been fun to watch.

I don’t believe Gonzaga was better. We could have applied similar defensive pressure to them that Baylor did and Deeky could have easily penetrated their guards. But I haven’t been impressed by Gonzaga at all and predicted they would lose to Baylor so what do I know.

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It comes down to this. Baylor played very average ball after their covid stop. They were beatable in every single game since they came back…except their final two games. They peaked at the exact right time. Simple as that. Had we met the Baylor team from a week or two prior to the tournament, we’d probably be talking about the Gonzaga-UH championship matchup. Good coaching had those guys hitting on all cylinders at the exact right time.

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Gonzaga was just much more skilled than we were so have no problem giving them their props. Sure we could have played with them but they earned the right to be there.
Baylor had a special team and one of the best I have seen in years. One of the very few who exploited our shortcomings more than we could enforce our will.
So far really excited about the two defensive additions we have added with one more to come.


In my mind Gonzaga & Baylor were better than UH with or without Caleb Mills quitting on the team midway. 3rd place ain’t bad at all.

And as far as hitting in all cylinders a team like UCLA was that team. Baylor was always good but Covid had slow them & their intensity down.

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