Regarding the unimaginative architecture firms who designed our previous facilities

(Cougarpad) #1

I have noticed some big items missing at some of the athletic facilities noticeably involving track. Why did we build a massive grandstand on the track complex that did not have a press box with a PA system? Even small rural higschools have a press box at their complex. The tennis courts were designed terribly with the spectator seating only providing good views of three tennis courts, and a couple of the corner courts at the facility are partially blocked out from the spectator area. The one area that makes no sense at all is the side courts in the athletic center. The architecture firm put in practice basketball and volleyball courts, but it was like the courts were a late afterthought. They squeezed them into the facility in a way where it is difficult to have a track event, yet still have the courts accessible to the volleyball team for practice. Also they did not build big enough restrooms for spectators or a conçession stand for indoor track events.

Back in the 90s when UH added these facilities they either hired an architecture firm with not much athletic experience or a unimaginative firm that did not plan well for future upgrades. It seems like just recently UH finally designed the new facilities for future upgrades, unfortunately this still leaves UH having to spend millions to upgrade the 90s built facilities. I hope UH learned its lesson for the future on having a long term plan for facilities.

Unless we get into a P-5, funding for facilities upgrades will be an issue, so we need to be smart about the design. Something I noticed, that I felt like sharing.

(Patrick) #2

I agree.

On your point about the past planning, remember that administration at the time did not prioritize athletics and, in fact, looked down on it in many cases. If it wasn’t for John Moores, John O’Quinn, and a few others, what little was built wouldn’t be there (Athletics Alumni Center being the big one).

I do hope that a renovation of the interior of the Alumni Center is on the docket at some point. With the new practice facility for football, the large field in the AAC is no longer needed and can be used for other purposes such as adding restrooms, offices, concessions, and even proper practice facilities for volleyball or additional weight rooms.

(Cougarpad) #3

I think the first two minor things they can do is with tennis and the outdoor track. I would like to see them expand the seating at the tennis courts so that it goes the length of the courts. I think they also should redo the grandstand at the track complex. They can reduce the size a little while adding a press box, restrooms, and a concession stand. We really do not need that big of a grandstand, and about a third can be removed for better uses.

(Patrick) #4

The tennis seating should be a fairly easy, inexpensive fix.

The grandstand would take a little more money, but it would be nice to modernize it to hopefully draw in bigger competitions. We have a world class program, really should have a world class home.

(Cougarpad) #5

I’ll be the first to donate to the projects when I win the lottery or get delivered one of those big publishers clearing house checks lol

(Patrick) #6

Same…already told the wife that a large portion of any lottery winnings would go to UH.

(Cougarpad) #7

I did some googling, and Rice just update their track and soccer complex. They built soccer and track grandstand for $2 million. But they had to demolish the old 1950s one and build a brand new one. UH doesn’t have to completely tear out the full grandstand at the Lewis Complex, but just make additions to it, adding a press box, restrooms, and concessions. So for UH it would not cost as much to make this addition to the track complex.

(Patrick) #8

Hmmm…may have to drop a line to Coach Lewis or Coach Burrell and see if we have anything in the works.

(Cougarpad) #9

Would be cool somebody with access to the recommended it to them. Track and Field are the most accomplished programs at UH. Even though they are not high revenue generating, they deserve some of the best facilities which also include the fan amenities at the complex. Aslo we would be able to hold more NCAA events with updated amenities.

(Patrick) #10

(Cougarpad) #11

Once again proof that either the athletic department has no creativity or a dull architecture firm. The University of Maryland needed a press box on their athletic field so they did this.

(Cougarpad) #13

I tweeted to UH the press box suggestion

@CPezman @UHCougarSoccer @UHCougarTF Tip for upgrading the soccer and track complex, which needs a press box for competitions. Can hold more events at UH.

(Charles) #14

Last year there was some kind of track meet (conference championships?) and a temporary press box was added looking similar to the Maryland photo.

(Charles) #15

So there is not going to be a Hall of Fame. I always liked it where it was and have taken several friends through. It was very impressive.

(Patrick) #16

I think they’re looking at a new location, but I haven’t heard where it will be.


Hopefully, someplace with superior UV protection.

(Cougarpad) #18

The Maryland press box is permanent though. A permanent press box in the long run would be much better for the facility. They should also consider building a concession and restrooms building similar to the ones that were in the corners of the end zones at old Robertson Stadium. Maybe they could take out a couple of the tennis courts and build the restroom and concession building in place so it can be used for both track and tennis events.