Regents approve $78 million for new law school building!

America’s most KICK BUTT law school will soon have an equally KICK BUTT building.


The old brutalist building will always have a special place in my heart but this was long overdue.

Hopefully Magnus will still be the landmark.

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So it was refreshing to see last week that the University of Houston System’s Board of Regents approved $78 million to fund the construction of a replacement for the University of Houston Law Center’s 50-year old building. The entire project will cost $90 million, and the law school has until November to raise the remaining $12 million. (Anyone want a law campus named after them?) Part of the problem for the law school is that more than half of the current law building is underground, which poses major flooding risks. It sustained damage during Hurricanes Ike and Harvey. And the new digs will have all the modern technological bells and whistles that the current campus lacks.

Here’s what law dean Leonard Baynes had to say about the project:

“A world class institution in a world class city requires a world class building, and we are now on a clear path to making this vision happen. I am delighted that the decades-long aspiration for a new building is becoming a reality. A new Law Center building will be a game changer for the Law Center and enhance the recruitment of students, faculty and staff.”

The school aims to break ground in 2021, so here’s hoping that everything goes according to plan. Perhaps this is a signal that university bigwigs are once again comfortable in investing the big bucks in their law schools. (Or it’s just a sign that folks at the University of Houston were tired of having their law school fill up with water.)