Remember how we used to say

Robertson had a capacity of 32,000 when we really had 28,000 seats? Cincy does the same.

I counted the dots on the Nippert ticket sales map yesterday:


That includes the new 1100 club seats from the latest $87M project a couple of years ago.

It does not include the 53 new suites. So the real capacity is about 34,700, give or take.

40,000 requires a whole lot of SRO.

Last night, over 750 tickets remained unsold as of kickoff. They might have had some student overflow, but that 40,015 crowd number is 100% bogus.

Just lying to impress the Big 12 . . .


Lot of empty seats in the corners of the second level whenever they’d let the camera pan up there. Also looked like a lot of empty seats in the second level underneath their press box.

That’s interesting about the seating as I believe ours is the opposite in that we say capacity is 40,000, but we actually have more than that if you count the dots.

edit to add: Reminds me of our SMU game last year on Thursday night. Watching that game, they kept a lot of tight angle shots that didn’t show the upper level and mic’d up the student section. Sounded very loud and looked full, but the upper deck was pretty empty due to the Texans game and the Astros playoff game.

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Here’s a pic pretty well into the game where you can see the 2nd levels on both sides have plenty of empty seats. Hard to tell with the blackout on the left because they have black seats (Hmm…wonder why they decided on a blackout for this game :confused:), but there are empties in there. The right side 2nd level is pretty barren.

These were at kickoff:

Here’s a wide angle shot. Again, they did a good job of filling in the lower bowl. the rest not so much

Just like we knew real the Robertson capacity from the Texans-Cowboys scrimmage sell out in 2002 (27,536) . . .

FC Cincinnati sold out Nippert for a soccer match against Crystal Palace from the English Premiere league in July 2016. The Crowd? 35,061.


CR lays the wood.

It looked good on TV but the sections look smaller than ours. Good blackout support. You could see our red really well.

They looked weak at kickoff, but that stadium was rocking during the second and third quarters.

Crowd was pretty good considering it was a thursday game and quite a few UC fans hate their coach. Students were really into it.

As for the stadium, Nippert is a great venue but if I was the A.D. at UC, I’d be worried about the inability to sell the luxury seats. That club section was more than 50% empty all night and it appeared several suites were blacked out as well.

Our suites and club level sold out quickly. We should actually go ahead and build out our press level with more luxury seating to take advantage of this season, especially considering you have to sign a long-term contract for the suites. Cha-ching.

I actually think that is part of the expansion plan.

Regardless if they filled it up or not, it was a great (hostile) atmosphere, and Nippert is just a really cool setting. Big 12 needs to take us and Cincy, and be done with it.

Cincy took out 3-4 rows at Nippert along the sidelines and 8 rows in the corners to accomodate a regulation-width soccer field.

In minor league soccer, FC Cincinnati hosted Chicago on June 28 in what appears to be a sold out Nippert in its new configuration. See below.

Attendance was 32,287. Remember that next time UC claims attendance of 40K at Nippert.


Tulane’s stadium seats 24k, but capacity is 30k

Really? We’re going there? I think it’s a great looking remodel. I’m hoping Hofheinz can look just as good. :slight_smile:

I guess FC cInci didn’t have SRO.

Unless Tulane hosts LSU, they won’t need SRO.

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