Report: Former Baylor RB Terence Williams to transfer to Houston

(Patrick) #1

This is good. Will be eligible immediately as a grad transfer.

Williams was expected to be the team’s top offensive weapon on the heels of his 1,048-yard sophomore season. But an offseason shoulder injury kept Williams off the field during non-conference play, and he had just 53 yards rushing on 22 carries in his first two Big 12 games of the season. He’d finish with just 255 yards and one touchdown on the year.

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(Patrick) #3

Another former 4 star landing at Houston for this season.


If he is healthy and in shape, this could be huge.

(Brad) #5

This staff has probably put together the best transfer class in the country by a lot.

(Dan) #6

This is great. No shade intended to “regular” transfers, but I love the focus we have on grad transfers. Come play and contribute immediately rather than hang out for a year no real game speed experience gained, possible injuries in practice, etc.


This guy has already been a 1000 yard rusher in this offense. Huge get.


Yeppers! This could really boost the UH offense this year!

(gpropes) #9

It didn’t happen unless Berman and JD tweet it:

BTW, if there was a problem at RB, we just solved it.


This is a great get for this year. Briles won’t have to train him so he can pick up any slack while the rest of the team fine tunes the new offense.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

i knew about the Williams transfer for a while. just couldn’t publically say it. be on the lookout for another transfer as well potentially… we are in the running with 2 big 12 teams though for him. good news is that we are trying to go him to play another position while the other 2 big 12 teams want him to play the same position.

as for Williams, it made too much sense with briles and clements here. Him and Carr should be our 1 and 2 rb’s. Williams will most definitely get the goalline carries for us. Applewhite has no excuses this season. new years 6 or bust!

(Patrick) #12

Highlight video from Baylor. Fastest RB we’ve had since Sims.


This team has top level talent. I think we will be the surprise team in the nation this year. The good thing is that unlike in 2015, if we get off to a good start we won’t have to convince the pollsters that we are good. They will vote us into the top 25 quickly and our ascension should be quick.

(Patrick) #14

We’re definitely being slept on. Problem with most of the computer rankings going around like ESPN FPI and S&P are that they depend on recruit rankings. However, they don’t account for transfers because recruit rankings usually don’t include transfers in them. Think of all the talent weve gotten just off transfers this year (Dormandy, Chambers, Owens, Williams, Anderson…) that will have a major impact this fall.


Still angling for a couple more transfers too.

(Patrick) #16

We may have also got someone back.

(Alfred Matthews) #17

you forgot Mike hayes and ryan Jackson?


The curiosity is killing me!

(Patrick) #19

Hayes graduated before Sims. Thought about him too watching the video. Jackson was fast, but not like this.


Going to be really nice to have a fast guy that is also a bruising RB. Jackson was fast, but I was always concerned about how much punishment he could take. If Williams is healthy, this could be a HUGE year for him and for us.