Report says FBI college basketball probe could result in NCAA violations for three dozen programs

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Bad news for Cleveland State!

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I’m wondering about the IRS and how they might be looking at some of these people if they didn’t claim those payments as income.

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Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan State, USC and Alabama are among the schools potentially in violation of NCAA rules for giving “impermissible benefits and preferential treatment for players and families of players,” per the report.

(Mark) #6

The schools that are getting the finger pointed seem to be:

Iowa State
Michigan State
NC State
North Carolina
Notre Dame
Seton Hall
South Carolina
Wichita State

A list of names like that ensures exactly nothing will happen here


Schools named with active players implicated:
Alabama (Collin Sexton)
Duke (Wendell Carter)
Kentucky (Kevin Knox)
Michigan State (Miles Bridges)
South Carolina (Brian Bowen)
Texas (Eric Davis Jr.)
USC (Bennie Boatwright)

(Charles) #8

So that school is Austin is implicated. I’ll be they’re shaking in their boots in San Marcos.

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This will be talked about for a few months and then forgotten.

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Xavier, Wichita State, and Seton Hall are so very, very screwed. They’ll be made examples of.

(Ben B) #11

They’ll go after Wichita State and Xavier.

(Dan) #12

I’m $ure all the blue blood program$ will be ju$t fine.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

I thought being part of the Big East and then the ACC made Louisville a blue blood program.

(Patrick) #14

Not surprised to see Texas on there. Chip Brown quoted a UT staffer a couple years back who admitted they’d have to pay money to land Jarrett Allen.

My guess is that the rules change rather than punish all these programs.

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You are kidding yourself if you think UH wasn’t involved in a bidding war for Jarrett Allen.
Inside Texas said UH made an offer and Jarrett Allen told Texas if they matched he’d go there if not he’d go to UH. My cousin who was on Allen’s AAU team backed everything Inside Texas said. If you wanna think UH was clean during the Jarrett Allen recruitment then go ahead. Bottom line is if Allen had gone to UH then UH would be linked to paying Allen.

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That’s a heck of a 1st post…

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Yep…and I didn’t say anything in my post about whether or not UH was clean or not. Someone’s a bit defensive.

Fact is, Allen ended up at UT and the UT guys went and blabbed about paying money to him to get him. And now, UT is listed among those that are being implicated in this thing (which so far, isn’t about Allen). Seems like the folks in Austin have a problem.

(Patrick) #19

And just a note…I think the NCAA model of amateurism is outdated and should be changed. The basketball model is extremely broken and everyone involved (NCAA, NBA, colleges, agents) needs to make changes to remedy it. If the kids can make money off their names, let them get paid, but force them to play two years, at least, if they attend college. The NBA can easily expand their G-League to allow 18 year old kids to be drafted and stashed for a year and I’m sure those teams would love the exposure from getting some of these kids.

The Ben Simmons situation at LSU was a perfect example of how much of a joke the system is. Kid barely passed his fall classes and dropped out after the season was over without bothering to even complete the classes. When asked afterwards if he got anything from the college experience, he answered truthfully and said “No.”

Still, fun to see the folks in Austin sweat a bit.

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“Inside Texas”…that is funny !!

(Jimmy Morris) #21

Yep. They made an offer. It’s called a scholarship.