Requested data released

Apologies if this had already been posted. Looks
like the foolish position taken by UH legal council
was not correct.

The Texas attorney general’s office ruled in October the university must release the information to the Houston Chronicle and ESPN.

Who cares, none of the student athletes are at risk move on with your lives!


I guess that literally nothing else newsworthy is going on in the world…
Time for The Comical !!!


A lot of folks on this board cared. And damage to
the schools reputation for taking a ridiculous position
over pettiness can result. Many folks here tried to
rationalize the school’s position, which is never a good thing. Support your school yes, but when 1 or 2 people that work for the school make a boneheaded decision , it needs to be called out. And note it wasn’t just the Chronicle; it was also ESPN which is the biggest driver in college football today. Fortunately it doesn’t appear ESPN is running with this story, but they could at anytime.


I did not read the article but I would imagine there are HIPPA rules about announcing who has tested positive.

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You definitely don’t want to release information that will identify a person’s medical situation. My kids’ school is doing the same with COVID cases – confirming cases but not by grade to protect the kids. I don’t remember the specifics and whether there was truly this concern – I recall they wanted total numbers and not by sport but this was during the Duarte dark times.

FYI – it’s HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).


I read on “Outkick the Coverage” about 3 weeks ago that there have been 70,000 Covid tests for college athletes this year and 2 hospitalizations. Anyone else see and other data on this ?

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I will note your note…that neither ESPN nor The Comical has UH’s best interests at heart. Far from it. They both have agendas geared toward keeping us at a G5 level. Period.
I have never been proven otherwise to this…


I have not seen any data but I would question any correlation between hospitalizations and total number of tests considering the athletes get tested multiple times. Also you would have to consider any who the testing identified early enough to avoid hospitalization and consider the non-athletes they interact with as well to get a fuller picture.

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I don’t know the latest but this article suggests UH was not alone in denying the ESPN request:


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