Required Reading: Khan ESPN Piece

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Another must read. I do like Tilman’s attitude about Kelvin’s contract negotiations

(Eric) #2

“If we had these LED lights when I was playing, I probably would’ve averaged 30, because I could see the ball. Hofheinz was dark as hell. You couldn’t see who was in the stands unless they were in the first three rows.”

Greg “Cadillac” Anderson

(Patrick) #3

Fantastic piece


currently the headline piece on on the college basketball section

also this is the first Michael young UH interaction/interview ive seen since he sued us


I loved the story. I was there during Alvin Brooks era to Ray McCaulum. I supported this tesm throughout. Even though there were a bunch of bad spots, there were some good spots…beating Longhorns Clydes first game, beating Kentucky, Arizona during Penders years…many others…

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That faculty senate who voted to abolish athletics, I hope those people are not part of the University anymore. What an awful way of running things!


Great article…UH is incredibly fortunate to have Sampson, Khator, and Fertitta. Now also Holgorsen…they all seem to “get it.”

It’s hard to believe what CKS has been able to accomplish here. He was an absolute fantastic hire.

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Awesome article.

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Very good article. Very thorough.

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I got a little emotional reading that actually :partying_face:

(Patrick) #11

Berman had him on last year prior to the tournament and he said nice things about the Coogs. Basically said he had no hard feelings and was happy that the team had made it. Still, nice to see him in the article.

(Patrick) #12

There are still a few of them on campus, but most of them have retreated into their holes. When Longhorn Ben Wermund was working the Higher Ed beat at the Chronicle, he’d find them and write an article from their perspective about how the heat wasn’t working and that athletics was getting all this money, but the faculty couldn’t have new books or desks or something. Now that we don’t have a Horn working the Higher Ed beat, we hardly hear from them.

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I was there for every home game through their tenures – it was not too much fun with hardly anyone there.

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Sam has outdone himself with this one…by far the best piece I’ve ever seen on UH basketball and proof that U of H success extends beyond the playing fields!

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I know, Mike. You weren’t that hard to find back then :smirk: It’s a little tougher to find you now :grin:

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Great article. That picture from his coaching announcement presser reminded me of how depressing that event was.

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Well he got paid, so he good now!! :grinning::hushed:


Anytime I was there in person, and we won, it was fun for me. The losing irritated me, but beating certain teams nationally known was fun.

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This should be required reading… gonna pin this article.

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