Looks like schedules opened up for both our teams unfortunately. Maybe we should get this game rescheduled now…

(Cary) #2

I would actually be down for it. I live in San Antonio though.

(Alan Tran) #3

We technically aren’t out of the race for the west. IF, we win out, we are in for the conference championship.


I think we need too many dominoes to perfectly fall, doubt it will happen. Good luck to you guys winning out, nice to have the outcome in you’r own hands. USF will be a tough game.


The Memphis game will be tough, also. So will the Navy and probably Tulane games, as well.


And USF. So basically everyone except possibly ECU. Lose that one and it may be dead man walking


The poster I responded to had already mentioned USF.


We don’t even need to win out. Just beat Memphis, Navy, and 2 of the remaining 3 and the division is probably ours. 8-3 with those wins probably gets us the division championship unless Tulane or SMU wins out, which…not likely.

(Cary) #9

Whoever wins the West gets to face UCF (yes, I’m giving them the East crown until they show me otherwise), which is the equivalent to a buzzsaw right now.

If you haven’t watched a UCF game, you should. It is a lot better football than we have witnessed this year so far.


I’m with you. UCF is the cream of this year’s crop in the AAC. They are good. Looking kind of like us in 2015 kind of good. “If” we somehow reach the conference ship, I would hope that USF could somehow pull off the win when they square up against each other. Not likely imo, though. The way we’ve played up to this point, it is probably more unlikely that the outcome of that game will even matter to us either way when they do play in late November. Hope I’m wrong.