Returners, recruits make up for Houston T&F’s departing talent

Many women sprinters redshirted, leaving the Cougars with a solid group staying for a few more years to build consistency and chemistry. Also, Baylor transfer Taylor Bennett will be eligible for the upcoming season, which will add another solid sprinter to the track.

As Houston has proved itself to be one of the hottest track and field schools in the country, the influx of new signees continues to grow. As of mid-June, the Cougars have 25 committed for the 2020 season, including Kennesaw State hurdler and jumper transfer Dayo Akindele, who will have one year of eligibility remaining, and Virginia State University transfer Allen Blair, a sprinter and jumper with two years left.

Incoming freshman Dominick Houston-Shepard, who can be a big threat for the team in the hurdles, is among other solid signees.