Revenge for Speculation on Herman's Future

Excellent sighting and documentation of the majestic surrender cobra.


What hash tag should I use to join in on your list?

Water girl from Tulsa?

One of the water girls was acting all billy bada$$ in the later parts of the game. Until we scored again and held them at the goal line.

Not as bad as the one from Memphis that kept handing one of their players a water bottle to spray me because he didn’t like me or something…


Best to wait until after national signing day to troll.

Hadn’t thought of that. Maybe #stupid

Okay, like @2002coog is #stupid to think Herman is in it for the long haul after the effort against smu.

Yeah, I’m guessing he’s going to be in high demand after escaping Tulsa at home and getting waxed by SMU.

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