Rewatched the 1st Half of the Tulane game

(G.W.) #1

The first series where we turned it over on downs.
4th Down call was terrible. Not the call itself was terrible. But after surveying the D King should have called a TO and talked with CMA if there was not an audible play. There should have been an audible.

We had three receivers wide. They had three DBs right up on them. They had ALL of their LBs up a yard behind the DL. Tulane had a 7 on 6 advantage. AND we called a draw. At the snap the LBs all rushed straight up the gaps.

When our D played press coverage (within 5-7 yards of the LOS) Tulane had one positive play (more than 3 yards). When we dropped the CB back 10-12 yards and the two S back 12+ yards they killed us with the pass or QB run.

Tulane press covered on almost every down.

After a few big runs they put a spy on King. King still beat them.

But I promise you, if TU has the talent to play press, then we probably do as well. We just kept playing soft on 3rd and long.


The 4th and 1 …I rewatched as well.
Actually 8 D players vs 6 blockers. Our Center and RG got blown back into backfield. Our LG #62 comes off ball well but high…DT sheds him and makes tackle along with unblocked edge player. TE Leslie blocks no one. King couldn’t keep it on ZR because we didn’t have numbers to block it. It looked like was supposed go to right side A gap but whole right side got blown up. Car had bring it back to left…if LG made his block it had a chance. It wasn’t a draw in my opinion. We were counting on tempo …we would have been better off with a tight formation so at least had blockers for edge defenders.

(G.W.) #3

I just saw all of the LBs up, and they were in full sprint mode straight ahead when the ball was snapped. The play had no chance.


Everyone on this board and who has watched a UH game this year with any attention knows this as well. Opposing coaches feast on it. Watch Navy throw more on us than they have against anyone else all year and be successful.

(G.W.) #5

Why not throw on that guy so far off the WR. It is an automatic 5 yards. And 15 if you can break a tackle.


Exactly. I would literally do it nearly every play and if the corners started creeping up, just do a little give and go move and boom, TD unless the safety can catch you.

(PMM) #7

“talk to CMA…” To what end ?

CMA has no clue !