Rhule gaining on Herman


Interesting comment on Herman’s social skills.

Herman didn’t do himself any favors in the aftermath of their loss in Ames. Asked if he’d been outcoached by Matt Campbell’s staff, he said no. He would later say he’d misinterpreted the question, which seems a little dubious. How do you not understand something so basic? Even though he eventually shouldered his share of the blame, he left the impression he’d thrown his players under the bus. At best, it left you wondering about Herman’s social skills. Contrast his often combative, I’m-the-smartest-guy-in-the-room style with Rhule’s easy-going demeanor. Check out the latter’s Twitter feed. The most entertaining of any football coach in the Big 12.


Herman is in hot water at Texas. Many already want him gone yesterday.

His ego has been discussed at nauseam on their forums. He appears to be in over his head at Texas.

This makes sense. He only had 2 years of head coaching experience here and spent half his time looking for another job.

Unless Texas has a break out season in 2020, he’ll likely be canned.


Can’t wait till I give him a piece of my mind as he is running in the visitors tunnel for some crappy team at TDECU.


I also want to add that I applaud Herman’s less than stellar performance in Austin. Knowing that they were more than aware that they were sticking it to us when they plucked him and now are after him with pitchforks for his lackluster performance just makes me smile. :grinning:

Read between the lines Horns and Tommy Boy!


My favorite is Bonghorn fans now saying “That is what we get for hiring from Coog High” arrogant pr!@&$ to the end.


Good news we should never have to worry about UT or A&M hires a head coach from us anymore.


Told all of ya’ll 3 years ago that the book is still open on whether Herman can coach.

He won a few big games at UH with some else’s recruits. He also blew several games at UH with good players.

Obviously he needs to “ steal” Apple Boy from Saban to put his coaching staff back in tact.


Applewhite is still banned from UT’s campus so Herman is S.O.L


The problem with Herman is his act (and it is an act) has a very short shelf life.


I think this is very true.

Rhule is genuine and Herman is a caricature of a college football coach, which is a shame, because he can be a good football coach if he was just more centered and genuine.

Gimmicky coaches and those who act like they’re old school fire breathers with very little history to point to (Herman), have short shelf lives. If Herman gets canned, he can always find his way to another sideline, but he may be best served going to the NFL as an offensive coach in order to learn how to be a professional.

If he does, he could grow from that and learn that he doesn’t need the schtick to be a good coach.

Is he not kissing players on the mouth anymore?


So never do it again.

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Not sure which is more awkward: HC kissing his players or HC’s wife kissing his players. Can we just do without the pre-gaming kissing of players?


It’s only good when you’re the first one off the bus… after that it’s just nasty. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


my favorite gimmick from Vermin was when he started season 1 at tu and he had a huge fake diamond with chain around his neck and a baseball bat in hand getting off the team bus. “Mining for diamonds and keep swinging” was his lame mantra. It took the tu faithful about 5 minutes to tell him he was embarrassing them.


Hey EE, we finally agree. I felt he hadn’t gone through a full cycle. You can only tell how good a HC will be after at least four years at a school. This jumping from a job one or two years is going ot bite schools in the butt more often than not.


Rhule had the Jets job but he wanted some coaches who were not on the Jets approved list.

I don’t see him leaving Baylor this year unless Penn State or an NYC NFL job opens up.

Jets and Gmen (probably) bringing back their coaches.
Will Penn State do what it takes ($$$) to keep Franklin?

He may get offered the Washington job but why step into that horrible a situation when much better things will come soon?

Follow up from the Horns board on Herman saying he was not out-coached.

‘Herman has since backed off that stance after thinking about his response over the last two days, and made certain to address it in his opening statements of his Monday press conference with the local media’.

“I do want to clarify something that has been eating at me for two days,” he said. “You had asked me something post game about being out-coached. I had taken that question to be, ‘Were we fooled? Were we duped, tricked?’ or whatever it is. But when you lose a game — any game — you were outcoached. I do want to clarify the context of what I understood that question to be.

“Any time you lose a game, you’re out-coached. From player execution — that’s our job, to get them to execute better — to play calls, tendencies to you name it. All of it is on us.”

He should have said, “Any time we lose a game, I’m out-coached”.

Why couldn’t he have done the honorable thing like other coaches and said, “That loss is on me”?

You’re right…did not pick up on that distinction. Says a lot about his ego.