Rice announces expansion plan

As Museum said, my understanding is that medical schools are required to obtain state approval in order to get started. In other words, Rice could buy a hospital system and operate it, but would not be allowed to have a school to teach doctors or nurses unless the state board of accreditation approves it.

Silly I know.

A state the size of Texas and a city the size of Houston needs more medical schools, as the state and the nation is facing a huge doctor and nurse shortage.

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Doubt it, more like strengthen it as resource sharing and networking amongst the law students would be a positive. Plus Rice is private, it won’t effect any state funding UH Law gets.

But it might affect our status as the city’s top law school, and draw top faculty and students away from UHLC.

BAD idea for UH.


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So the same rational that UT uses to keep UH down (ie. med school)? lol. If UH wants to stay on top, they shouldn’t fear competition.

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One day when our financial resources are equal to Rice’s, I’ll consider that to be a fair fight.

Hey listen. We already successfully thwarted aTm’s attempt to establish a law school in Houston.

We also successfully fought off South Texas’ attempt to steal our name.

Given that, we will NOT tolerate any other effort to challenge our top spot in town, least of all from Rice.


I tend to agree with this even though there could be a regional benefit of
the synergy or competitiveness between the schools. When we receive
appropriate funding thru endowments and state , increased federal research grants, and Rice sponsors our joining the AAU, it’s game on !

Other than being a so called “prestigious university”, what exactly is Rice known for?

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