Rice Baseball

Curious if anyone has noticed the disaster that is happening over at Reckling right now. Bragga in his first season (2019) went 26-33 and is off to an 0-7 start in 2020. The Owls cant hit water if they fell out of a boat being outscored 46-16 in those 7 games hitting .192 and striking out 3 times for every walk.

This is a big opportunity to seize prized Houston recruits so its important to win this year. Recruit these local Cypress, Katy, Woodlands kids and keep them away from Waco, Lubbock and College Station. We have Omaha caliber facilities now and can build an Omaha caliber roster with kids in a 20 mile radius of the ballpark.


Too bad we’ve also picked a terrible time to suck.


Unfortunately, our own program isn’t doing that great so far this season either.

Hopefully, we’ll get it together.

Rice has now lost 5 in a row and sits at 2-13. Ouch.

We aren’t much better at this point. It was good when both schools were good especially for recruiting


Is Rice “building for the future”? An office mate’s kid is going to play baseball and football for the Owls next year.

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