Rice Game Mar 5th @ 4 PM (L 5-3)

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Plenty seats available!

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I was going to go, but can’t make it with the earlier time. Understand why they moved it up, though.

Houston (4-6) vs. Rice (5-7)
March 5 | Don Sanders Field at Darryl & Lori Schroeder Park
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All-Time Series: Houston trails, 81-106

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cold weather can’t be good for your back! Stay home you go to more than enough Coog events.


Lets get back on the right track


Off to another bad start


Looks like JD is at the game. Coogs down 3-0


Iv’e reached the point where I dread checking an update about the game. It’s like I know we will be down.

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Hard to get motivated to go to games if the team is this bad.

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Coogs get 2 in the 3rd and are down 3-2 in the Bottom of the 5th.

(Patrick) #13

Top 6th

2 outs and a runner on 1st and Rooney replaces Nolan Bond with Villarreal. Bond pitched well in relief of Hynes as he gave up 3 hits, 0 runs, 3 Ks in 4.0 IP.

Villarreal gives up an infield single, but escapes without giving up any runs.

M6…Rice leads 3-2

(Patrick) #14

Top 7th

Rice leads off with 2 singles and a walk to load the bases with no outs. Single plates a run…Rice leads 4-2

Fielder’s Choice scores another…Rice leads 5-2

Villarreal escapes without any other runs scoring.

(Patrick) #16

Top 8th

Bayless on for Villarreal

After a flyout, an error on the SS, a wild pitch, and a walk, Rooney bring in Ron Brown.

Brown gets out of it with no runs scoring

M8…Rice leads 5-2

(Patrick) #17

Bottom 8th

Leadoff triple from Fuentes. Infield single from Bielo brings him home…Rice leads 5-3

3 straight outs end the inning

T9…Rice leads 5-3

(Patrick) #18

Top 9th

Hurdsman on to pitch. Give up a 2 out double, but nothing else.

M9…Rice leads 5-3

(Patrick) #19

Bottom 9th

Lockhart K’s for Out #1
Way lines out to the LF for Out #2
Hyland walks
Burckel K’s for the final out

Rice wins 5-3

Coogs have lost 5 in a row now.


Same song, different verse. Going to be a long season at this point. Hasn’t been any consistent (or any) hitting at this point. And, no pitcher has stood out as a Friday night starter or closer.

Haven’t seen anything that gives me hope that we can turn it around any time soon.


Last time we had a 5 game losing streak was 2016, also believe that was the last time we didn’t make a regional. Looks like we have some work to do.


Another frustrating game to watch. Was kinda cool tho because hardly anyone was there. Seemed weird. But it wouldn’t have mattered.