Rice IPF

Sorry, but Bob Slovak said this “facility” put Rice on equal indoor facilities footing with the big boys, including UH. I really don’t think so. What I saw was a tent and possibly some lawn furniture being sold out of one end.

He has to say something… Lol

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I think when he says big boys, he’s referring to UT’s glorified bubble. :smile:

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The only “equivalent” facilities Rice has in common with us ???
…Parking Lots.

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They do have some stout academics though.

At least that is what they say !!

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I assume they are excited about the Rice IPF because they can fit all their fans in it for games and have AC.


As funny as that is, we don’t have too much room to talk when it comes to attendance. Lol

Really? You want to compare ours to theirs?

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I’m not comparing ours to theirs. We blow them out of the water when it comes to attendance. I’m just saying we don’t draw very well unless it’s a big game ESPN game.

I think you can say that about a lot of middle to lower level P5s.

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Ironically, the guy giving his money to fund it is a UH graduate.

Fair point.

cool, i guess?



I see Nerd U still has its priorities straight by not building over the beer bike track.

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