Rice Single Game Ticket Date?

Not sure if you guys have found out yet but if you have, do you know which date they go on sale for them when they play us? I want to buy my tickets through their site since it will be cheaper and I get to choose my own tickets.

They go on sale Aug 1st. I only know this bc I called their ticket office yesterday. No info online.

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Thanks for the info.

If you’re a runner, you can run the Bayou Bucket 5K the Sunday before the game. All 5K participants will receive a ticket to the game the following Saturday


i called today since its the first and they said single game tickets go on sale today except the UH game. welp stub hub it is!

Prepare to pay full price for crappy seats since Rice isn’t selling single game tickets to UH. So the only tickets available are from fans of other teams buying 2 game mini plans and selling off their UH ticket for whatever they can get.

I’ll just wait for UH to get it’s allotment.

I’ll probably wait until about a week before the game and buy tickets for $10 or less. I’ve never been to a game at Rice. Do they utilize all 70,000 seats or do they rope a lot of that off?

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i got 2 2nd row seats in section 112 (40 yard line) for 160.00. probably overpriced but oh well. at least its a great seat and we will win. :slight_smile:

They covered both end zones with nice looking tarps with the Rice Owls logo to reduce capacity to 47k but allow for 70k still if required for special events.

Thanks for the info. I’m expecting more UH fans than Rice fans for that game, but nowhere near 47k. I would expect Stub Hub tickets to be really cheap 3-5 days before the game.

sorry…i paid 124 for both tickets. lol

As much as I would like to see us stomp Rice in person, I can’t bring myself to pay that much for that game. If I can’t find the tickets pretty cheap, I’ll just invite a bunch of buddies over to my place for ribs, beverages and front row seats.

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Diehard, can you share the link where I can look for single game tickets for UH/rice game? I only see tickets for other home games except for UH on their website. Thanks.

Is UH allotment already sold out? I bought my 2 through UH ticket office on my season ticket renewal.

Rice pulls their ticket takers a halftime so you can just walk in.

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I fully expect this game to be put away by halftime.

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I hope so. I want all of our games to be put away (in our favor) by halftime.

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A boy can dream…


$45 for GA upper deck? That’s hilarious!


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