Rick Pitino is back

Wow. Northeastern school. Makes a lot of sense for him.

A lot of hot waitresses in the northeast…


Now he can use Jimmy V’s line:

Hey Mom, Iona College!


I think I know of a better coach…


You would think he’d won more, being the best coach and having the best money men behind him

Jr’s Cabaret In the bronx is about 2 miles from campus. He’ll recruit well.

He’s a hype machine. He’s Billy Clyde that can hold his liquor. He’ll be in the tourney and media-reformed in 3 years.

Is he gonna take home co-eds like billy clyde too? :joy::joy:

I don’t know what got into Pitino short of a midlife crisis. Most of the guys that play for him like him. He’s a master motivator and a one-man hype machine. Of course the northeastern media used to love him because he was family. The attraction of getting a little bit more on the sly is just too much for some personalities to handle. I think it’s like some people being born alcoholics. But make no mistake. Pitino has always been good enough to win with above-average players. He just wanted everything. And his money lust was just too much.

Back at a school in a “low major” conference, eh?

Well, at least he knows in advance that winning the conference tourney is his only real “must win.”

Well, the Iona players and recruits can look forward to some good times…

that Pitino will know nothing about …

Knowwhatimeanvern !


Rick “Schultz” Pitino – “I know nothing!” Meanwhile bring on the girls and party on.

SMU fans won’t be happy. Rick was many fans top pick to revive the magic Larry Brown created.

He would have been a metric ton of entertainment in the AAC. Definitely would have drawn a lot of attention…until he left for the Big East again. And would have been a beast to recruit against in north Texas.

And before anyone says that’s silly let me remind you. There’s no shame in the college sports community. They’d hire him in a minute if they thought they could get away with it.

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