Riddle Me This Coog Fans

Tech has 5 OL. 3 of them were assigned to Big Ed.

If we play 4 DL’s that would seem to leave 2 Tech guys to block 3 UH guys.

If we also rush a LB that makes it 2 against 4.

Why couldn’t we sack the Tech QB? And/or make him hurry his throws?


When we sent three, three on Ed. When we sent four, two on Ed, or they kept a running back or Tight End back to block the 4th.

We telegraphed on every play, how many were coming so, line was able to make the assignment adjustments.


Yup and then they would swing Henry out as needed for a short pass. Kliff had a great game plan and was 5 steps ahead of us.


We darn near sent 3 the whole first half, dropped 8 and gave up 400 yards passing. It was a truly bizarre play calling effort


I remember high profile games where the announcers praised Orlando for being a defense disguise “wizard” (my term).

In those games we seemed to outclass offenses and coaches with different looks and particularly frequent blitzes.


theant is on point, ed oliver needs to move around like JJ watt, never let them what we are doing play to,play…disguise blitzes etc…

I can remember when the Keenum led offense made the good defenses of Mississippi State, OSU, and others look bad. Maybe we are also underappreciating how good the Tech Offense is. I mean their head coach is the same offensive coordinator that called plays for that great UH offense of the past.

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Against Penn St. Keenum passed for 532 yards and 3 TD’s. Penn St, came into that game allowing only 162 passing yards per game. UH beat that by passing for 227 yards in the 1st quarter, thus a new record for yards per quarter in a bowl game. The OC for UH was a guy who now is the HC for Texas Tech.

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KK definitely knows how to play offense.

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He never made them look as bad as Tech made us look. Not even close.

BUT…if we had pressured the TT QB, we might have given up a lot of yards !!!

Yeah…right !!!

The DC doesn’t get it and he ain’t gonna or is not capable of a change.

We will need to change him…as in “don’t let the door hit you in the rear” !!

This is all well and good…but we are talking about DEFENSE !!

We aspire to be a good team. It takes both sides of the ball.

Rationalizing that KK is a good OC is not the issue here.

If he continues to struggle at TT, he ain’t gonna be there much longer.

It will not be due to his offense, but rather the defensive lacking.

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Hell’s bells, I think we DID give up a lot of yards!

It was sarcasm !!!

I read that sarcasm and it was a heavy dose and I agree with you!

My response was to anybody foolish enough to say that. Did anybody seriously say that? They were what, over 700 yards?

I believe the answer to your question has something to do with our defensive coordinator being completely inept.

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