Rivals Basketball "Tiers"

UH should be in Tier 2.


imagine where we would have been placed 6 years ago


I’m good with Tier 3. We have come a very long ways the last four or five years.


Tech and Baylor are mediocre?


I am guessing another final four would push us up to the Tier 2.

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UTEP has a national title in its past.

Still mediocre.

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I’m good with that.

Oh those are programs historical view.

Texas Tech and Baylor both seem low


Hmm. I’m fine with Tier 3 but we need to be a bit higher up in the top half of that category.

I don’t see this as a very credible list when you have the national runner up as mediocre.

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That was just a moment in time. It doesn’t make up for nearly a century of mediocrity.


Tier 3 seems reasonable given a nearly 30 year run of being mediocre to bad that just recently flipped. There are some really good programs in there. Not sure who we think we’re better than in tier 2 looking at the entire run of the program and probably giving more weight to the last 10-20 years. We could pass a few of those programs in a few years though.

I think UCLA should be tier 2. They are one of the best programs of all time but a level below the other four now for a long time.


Fair point. But we have been mediocre since the end of phi slama jama. We have finally put together some good seasons and have some momentum. We’re all of a sudden a higher tier program just like that? Not to discredit where our program is but I think our program is at least comparable to tech’s at the moment. (I hate tech. Why am I even defending them?)…

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Upon first glance I’m surprised at UCLA making the top tier. When I think of “blue bloods” I think of the other four but never UCLA. Second surprise was Cincy making the second tier. My heart thinks they should be in the third group but wouldn’t argue with anyone about it. Nice to see us getting some respect.

11 national titles and 18 Final Four appearances automatically make UCLA a “blue blood.”


I thought Arkansas (2) should be swapped with Saint John’s (3).

But I’m not overly familiar with their long past histories.

That’s certainly the justification. But how long does a blue blood get to wallow in mediocrity before it gets moved down a notch?


Yeah. The complete cluster of UCLA’s last coaching hire solidified they are no longer on a tier with those other 4 schools.

It really just depends on how much you are weighting recent history/current standing vs. historical results.

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Since it’s from Rivals it might be looking at recruiting class rankings? Which schools get the best talent and not necessarily the results? Idk…

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