Road post game presser for Coach Sampson

No question that Sampson really “gets it” as far as promoting his team, the university, the conference, etc. I’m sure both President Khator and Chris Pezman appreciate every time CKS sits down in front of the cameras or calls in to a national radio show. With Coach Sampson you always get a little bit of wit and wisdom.


He always claims to not know what our record is. What’s with that?


Jedi Mind Trick.


With respect to the no Saturday home games, I get that he doesn’t control conference scheduling but I thought he made his own schedule for OOC. Who is scheduling the OOC for him then?

It’s a way of reminding everyone how good it is!

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Thanks for the link. Love his pressers. Calling out Mills and Hinton (deservedly so), tough love approach- priceless.

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Thank you … we shoot about 50 % from the field , mainly cause we get three chances each time … he will have these boys shooting better by March …

His Monday night radio shows are the most entertaining hour of my week. It’s worth the hellish drive for me to get over there.

I listened to the most recent one (the one for Monday 2/10/20) and found his answer to a question from the crowd very intriguing - essentially the questioner posed the question asked often on this board - “Coach - you have one senior next year departing - but 5 newcomers to welcome (along with the nine (9) guys now getting playing time. How are you going to keep all of these excellent players happy.” I am interested in how you understood his answer if you remember the interchange. I understood him to say something to the effect - happy? not my worry - it is an honor to play basketball for the UH. I also got the impression that he was being coy about having spots for all - but seemed to have a plan.

Going to be fun to watch … we have some serious studs coming in …

I think his complaint is specifically limited to conference scheduling.


Maybe. But if it’s that important, why schedule 0 Saturday home games in OOC?

there are a host of reasons - principally that the UH plays most of their OOC pre January games at home and travel to and fro is not nearly the same issue - little things like playing at Rice versus out of state travel, length of time between games is different OOC also are factors. I do agree with your point that mayhaps the scheduling should have worked a Saturday game in somewhere - so we fans don’t forget college basketball is often played on that very day of the week.

He knows. He wants people to tell it to him. #MindGames

Is there a link to these Monday pressers? Thanks a bunch.

Go to the UH site and go to All Acess live and On Demand audio is free.

Love your area of the world but nice to be here locally with our Coogs.

Nice interview but was made a yer ago.

Edit from late last night didn’t take so it had an old video link instead of the All Access link.

vanCoog, go to UH then Fan Center then Multimedia and Houston All Access

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Yeah, I got pretty confused when the first question was about Brady.

Done. Thanks Larry.