Road rules

Htown Takeover works at home but not so much on the road.

We’re 2-4 in our last six true road games and it hasn’t been a murderer’s row.

UCONN (loss)
Cincinnati (win)
Texas State (win)
Navy (loss)
SMU (loss)
Memphis (loss)

Not sure if this loss is reflective of anything other than we are not good on the road.

I think you’re reading too much into 4 losses or at home. There are many factors that contributed to each loss mostly injuries and emotions.

Would it make you happier if we only had two road losses but two home losses?

The road losses are more telling, because these are conference losses. If UH does not get those insane turnovers late against Cinnci then the team is 0-4 in conference road games. Does a big time program want that?

Herman should stay because he has a lot more growing to do. I said last year I wanted to this coach face adversity before he was crowned whomever.

You are right, we barely escaped Cincinnati as well, we have played horrible defense on the road

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