Rooting for Tulsa on Friday

(Dustin K) #1

Let’s go Tulsa!

(Ricky ) #2

Memphis playing on a Friday on the road sounds like a perfect opportunity for an upset.

Edit: Tulsa hasn’t won a game since they played us so nevermind.


Yea, if Tulsa can’t win another game this year, it just emphasizes how much they hate UH. Something that needs to be remembered by the team every year for as long as we play them.

(Patrick) #4

Ties up early in the 2nd. 14-14

(Patrick) #5

21-14 Memphis at half and they get the ball to start the 2nd.

(Patrick) #6

Memphis TD on a long drive after halftime. 28-14

(Patrick) #7

31-14 now, 3 minutes to go in the 3rd

(Patrick) #8

Memphis absolutely shutting Tulsa down in the 2nd half. 3 drives, no first downs, 3 punts.

(Patrick) #9

TD Memphis and it’s 38-14 with about 10 to go.

Still hard to believe we lost to Tulsa.

(PMM) #10

Or Memphis !!!

(PMM) #11

Yes, that is why we lost…the hatred !


Hoping Tulsa wins is like hoping to win the Lottery.

(Patrick) #13

(shharper01) #14

20-0 Memphis in the second half. So, we can see what Memphis adjustments are like but Tulsa?!? Let’s see if SMU can make a game of the eastern champ tomorrow night. In two years, Scott Frost has done better than Chad Morris in three years. Both teams seemed equally awful before getting new coaches.