Rout of Louisville keeps Houston's New Year's Six bowl hopes alive

Rout of Louisville keeps Houston’s New Year’s Six bowl hopes alive
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About a half-hour after a second upset of a top-five opponent this season, Steven Taylor was asked if the University of Houston was a Power Five school.

“On paper, no,” the senior linebacker said.

“Yes,” defensive tackle Ed Oliver chimed in.

That is the longest of longest shots. Though I think that an at-large bid to the Cotton Bowl wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. Especially if the other option is Western Michigan.

That would be awesome!!

Nice to believe that


The rules are already in place for most all of the bowls including the NY6 bowls.


If the bowls could pick their own then it would be chaos and mayhem and the system would fall apart …

There are still at large spots, but the number is only 1 or 2 now. Cotten bowl is G-5 vs at large this year.

Since G5 schools are deemed “lucky” to be allowed to even play football, we have special rules. A G
5 school has to have won it’s conference to be able to play in a NY6 game

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