Roy Williams calls UNC team 'least gifted I've ever coached'

However, Williams said the lack of talent is no excuse. “So, if you’re going to be like that, you gotta bring your A-game,” he said. “Even though your A-game may not even be an A-game, you gotta bring your best game to play on game day.”

IMO, maybe Roy is stating “I really can’t coach unless I’m surrounded by superstar players.” How pathetic to put the onus on his recruited team. Sorry for taking up space on Coogfans but this article just irritated me when i read it. Makes you proud of having a coach like Sampson.


It is apparently harder to get top talent to UNC now that they require athletes take real classes.


I saw NC’s last game. Roy is right it isnt very talented.

This is nonsense for him to say. When he recruited the players I’m sure that wasn’t what he was selling. I’m sure he sold them on development and training in the program. Now he is throwing all the blame on them. Who recruited these players?


Dude’s a bag.

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I don’t care how much of a fanboy I sound like…the best college hoops coach in the country works right here at Cullen & Holman. I wouldn’t trade him for any of those big names.


I’m sure that was some kind of misappllied motivation


I was thinking the same but usually the buzz words are experienced, hustle, motivated, etc. To say they are the least gifted team he has had is not good. And it is a reflection on how bad he has recruited if UNC cannot maintain a high-level program in today’s 1-and-done world and when injuries happen. I think it was just steam being blown after a really embarrassing loss and probably a lot of “feedback” from the donor bagmen.

ESPN studio said Roy shouldn’t have talked about the talent level. And UNC about to lose to Pitt


I don’t like Carolina.

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Nothing is forever. UNC basketball, Texas, USC, UCLA, Nebraska and Arkansas in football. Time changes everything.


Did Williams lose his ability to Coach at the highest level? We will know sure enough. What is clear imo is that Williams is trying every which way to motivate his Team. It is clearly not working.
For him to have the nerve to come out with this is a clear indication of the individual that he is. How many Schools would love to have this group of players? Yes he recruited them. He did not maybe? This shows you how some of these HC are disconnected from their real job. A great Coach is not only one what can manage a game, egos but also recruits well.
When you come out with this Coaching attitude you put yourself in a corner. How will his Team respond? We will know soon enough.
What is clear? He is no John Wooden or even come close to his predecessor. He is not man enough to realize how lucky and fortunate to have this HC position. He should be forever grateful that his program did not get the death penalty.
At 8 and 7 he is trying to protect his HC position. That is crystal clear.

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But, I’m sure you like the Carolina players we recruit.

Agree he’s no John Wooden but no one is. That said, Williams has won 3 championships and went to 9 final fours. He’s a great coach.

And, he’s light years better than his predecessor at UNC. He replaced Matt Doherty. There’s not a lot of basketball coaches he doesn’t come close to.

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UNLV…everybody loved them late 80s to early 90s…

That’s honestly a reasonable take. He’s objectively a top 10 NCAA coach. The one guy I wouldn’t hesitate to take over CKS is Tony Bennett. I think he’s as good of a coach (and some could argue a little better) as CKS. He also seems super loyal, so you could potentially have him for another 20 or so years.

After that, there are some guys I think CKS is better than, or a better fit here than, or more proven than but I’d maybe consider based on age if you could be assured they wouldn’t leave (which you couldn’t) like Jay Wright and Chris Beard.

So yeah, I guess I’d take Bennett but that’s it.

Note that I’m in favor of the Kellen transition plan, but Kellen is of course unproven as a HC.


Let’s see Roy… you are the head basketball coach at North Carolina… I think you mean “the least coached team you were ever gifted.”


My guess is he meant Dean Smith and forgot about Doherty (and also Bill Guthridge). I agree with you though. Very few coaches can match what Williams has done, though of course he hasn’t had to build a program from scratch at any point in his career.

And how hard is it to recruit at Kansas and North Carolina? You get elite players just by having a live body at the head coaching position. And these are definitely “his” recruits, and now you see his great coaching ability when he doesn’t have 5 - stars at multiple positions. I’m sure numerous coaches could make more with these players than he is. So in order to make himself look better he publicly poops on the players as opposed to shutting his piehole and working his backside off.

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