RPI Wizard



Current RPI 21

Lose last 5 = RPI worsens to 57
Win last 5 = RPI improves to 17

Win both home games, lose 3 road games = RPI worsens to 30

Win both home games and one road game, lose other two road games = RPI is 22.

Win both home games and two road games, lose one road game = RPI is 19.

Basically, the only must wins are the two home games.

We have some margin for error on the road. Need to win 1 of 3 to stay in current position.

(Charles) #2

SMU, Memphis and Temple on the road. 3-0 I’m betting in dog fights. Two at home a cinch. 5-0

(Jimmy Morris) #3

The forecast is based on year to date results and doesn’t take into account injuries among other things. I think Temple is better now, won four in a row at home and SMU will probably be worse when we play them. So I’d go with the forecast and just flip those games. That still has us winning 8 of our last 9 games and puts as us at 4-2 for the season against teams probably going to the tournament.