Ruhle must be one heck recruiter


Don’t follow all the recruiting stuff as much as some on here that are far more knowledgeable on subject than I. How in the wide, wide world of sports does BU HC Ruhle manage to sign a Top 15 class at BU that just went through an 1-11 season and all the Briles/sexual assault saga ? No idea if true but article said they were #15 at present but expected to drop some when all the other signers come in. Wonder how much was kids seeing chance to play immediately at B12 / P5 school…still blows me away they could be that highly rated


Scott Drew was able to do the same thing with the basketball program pretty quickly after all the sanctions were lifted from the Dave Bliss scandal. Pretty amazing turnaround, so there is history of it being possible in Waco.

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They have really nice facilities and Waco is turning into a nice place to live half way between DFW and Austin.

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A lot of it is playing time and P5. A lot of the kids he got were also considering us, but went to Waco because they can get playing time immediately in the Big12. Ruhle also pulled in a bunch of TX high school coaches to be on his staff and they’re selling that he can turn it around.

Don’t know if I’d compare it to Bliss as 1) let’s see if Rhule can win there first and 2) Scuttlebutt is that Bliss isn’t exactly playing by the rules, but good on him for not being caught yet.

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Their schedule sets up for a nice turnaround to at least bowl eligible.

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their rebound hasn’t helped us or Tech


Do you mean Drew? I have my suspicions as well.

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Cash still works at Baylor.


Baylor will never be the same again. They had there time with Briles.


No, I have to think that Baylor will be right back up in the national limelight pretty darn soon. Not necessarily Top 10, but flirting with the Top 25 as long as they have their Big 12 spot and southern Baptist student/athlete base to recruit from.

Their $30+ million/year Big 12 media revenues will allow them to secure a lot of talent and settle a whole lot of legal claims in a quiet and confidential manner.

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Hate to make stuff up, but Baylor probably has the money machine working because they know any slippage in recruiting will hurt their chances in the next realignment and they also need to fill up a shiny new stadium. They have zero credibility at the top leadership so nothing would surprise me. May look like Ole Miss in a couple of years.


What’s amazing is that rhule had zero Texas ties when he took that job and many people on this board think that is a necessity. Heck, he didn’t even have ties to this region but has pulled in two very good classes in a row

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Great point all around Alexogar. I/we want to find out how he has been able to recruit this well in an area that is foreign to him. The most Western experience that he has had was at UCLA in 2001. Our Athletic Department needs to learn from this. This should be a wake up call. The P5 angle is huge but it is evident that baylor has cemented huge High Schools ties. Can we do better? We must. We ought to win the AAC every single year.

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Listen to him speak… he is a humble yet passionate Christian man who exudes integrity and sells the fact that they can win & they will do it the right way.

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Baylors issue is trying to line up and pound people with majority of older players who dont fit that style.

Will that work well vs so many usually prolific offenses with NFL skill guys like OK & OK State, etc?

For sure whatever Rhule is saying, upper tier players are listen.

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It’s like over 50 women weren’t raped, which was covered up by Baylor. I can’t believe they are getting away with everything.


Nothing will ever help TT.


Baylor had record applications, too. A fool is born everyday. Or in this case many foolish, myopic parents blinded by their southern Baptist tinted denial of what has actually happened.

It is truly disgusting how this school’s entire athletic program hasn’t been shut down. One could offer 100k in cash for my daughter to go to Baylor and I would say hell no. Something is rotten in Denmark.

(Paul Marlow) #19

This feels like the steroid scandal with players breaking all the all-time records and no one connecting the dots on players juicing and beating all -time great numbers. In hindsight, it all makes sense.

Rhule, a northeast guy, comes to a Texas school and starts recruiting like crazy after biggest ongoing scandal in school’s history to recruit great recruiting classes. It doesn’t pass the smell test.


He sounds just like Coach Freeze at Ole Miss