Rules expert?

In college football, only one foot has to be inbounds for a completion, but does order matter?

For example, if the player is in the air and catches the ball and the left foot lands first out of bounds then the right foot lands inbounds. Is that a reception?

The play is dead, soon as any part of the ball handler’s body touches out of bounds. I’m guessing you are talking about the Tech TD that was called incomplete. It didn’t matter that his second foot touched in bounds.

Also if the receiver steps out and comes back in with both feet before catching the ball, he is ineligible.

Actually was watching another game and the play wasn’t exactly that, but it made me think

Your explanation matched my thoughts, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the confirmation

hope someone can explain this to me. In the second half the UH defense was called for delay of the game because, as the ref called it, the defense was jumping around causing the offense to be confused and thus not being able to get the play off. Isn’t it the purpose of the defense to confuse the offense?


Imitating the snap count or making a non football move to try to cause a false start results in defensive delay of game. I think it was the latter. Camera wasn’t on the line so I couldn’t see what caused the penalty

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You aren’t allowed to shout out stuff like “hut hut” to draw a false start. I’m not sure at the college level but I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to whif at the ball or wave your hand in their face either.

Which brings up the next rule question… usually imitating snap count is barking out signals. Many teams now go on the QB hand clap. Against those teams, is it illegal for defensive players to clap before the snap?

That definitely falls under imitating a snap count and making a non football move. I’m sure it is.

Yes. I think I have seen that called before, but when they called it on is they said movement, not snap imitation. May have just not explained it well, but it seemed like an odd call.

Speaking of rules, how does the defense get called with delay of game?

See earlier post. I believe it is post #5

I looked it up and apparently if the defense touches the ball after the ref makes it active, they can be called for delay of game.

Did we touch the ball?

That’s not it. Simulating snap count or non football move intended to cause false start. I think they said something about the latter

No it is out of bounds.

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