Rumor: Catalon leaving?

Source: Reddit / Facebook

Saw a tweet from him saying something to the effect that he hasn’t been happy since ‘ike’ (assuming it’s his high school?). Can’t find the twebut something unfortunately seems to be going on.

Probably won’t know anything official until the start of Spring - 15 March.

Not going to believe something posted from Reddit first of all, and second from someone flying UT’s colors


Agreed. He is a student. He has a life outside of football too.

IF Catalon were to leave would we switch to more of a RB by committee or is there another workhorse back on the roster?

Currently the other RB’s on the roster are:
Dillon Birden (Sr)
Josh Burrell (Rs So)
Mulbah Carr (So)
Patrick Carr (Rs So)
Blake Hirsch (Rs Junior)
Kervin Justice (Rs So)
Kaliq Kokuma (Rs Jr)

We need Catalon… hope he is allright.

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Also have Davion Ford coming in. I’d imagine Birden, Car, and Carr would compete for the starting job in this scenario with Ford maybe getting a look as well.

I had to do this. Fake News! :joy:


truly! Duke is getting ready to have a fine year for us!

Not understanding your reply… (I know… autocorrect is awesome isn’t it?)

There was a grammatical error.

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