Rushing the Court

(Alfred Matthews) #1

Will they allow it if we win?

(Butch) #2

LOL…do we win the championship if we beat them? Do we get an automatic bid to the NCAA? But have it friend…WSU was ranked pretty high when we trounced them earlier…this is a huge game for us, but frankly it means nothing if we don’t go dancing…Temple is going to be a big game there also…

(Alfred Matthews) #3

temple rushed the court vs Wichita st and they have been a more established cbb program than us recently. this is the biggest game here in a while. If security lets us rush the court you damn right I’m rushing the court if we win. providence rushed the court last night beating nova. just sayin.

(Brad) #4

I vote no, but I’m 40 and sober.
20 years ago you could flip that sentence.




(Butch) #6

If it does not embarrass you then go for it…I doubt seriously they are going to let anyone rush the court, especially on a neutral court…and btw, did we rush the court against WSU?

(Alfred Matthews) #7

we should have but security didn’t allow it. that’s why i mentioned that in the OP. How is rushing the court embarrassing if we win tonight?

(Butch) #8

In today’s age of violence and nut cases, I am against rushing the field or the court for the sake of the players and coaches…but if they allow the students and fans to charge the court then so be it…I just think security comes first…

(Butch) #9

BTW, if he has any eligibility left I want that guy who body slammed that guy as a linebacker LOL…

(Brad) #10

He’ll be consistently ruled ineligible for breaking “undisclosed team rules”.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

i want the guy who did the spear as a linebacker.

(Butch) #12

That’s what happens when you get no blocking Die! LOL


Anyone have any idea how many lawsuits came out of that one stupid event?


The team really deserved that after-game rush. They looked like they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Alfred…I hope you were right in the middle of it!!! :slight_smile:

edit: Saw your pics in the game thread…props to you!!!

(Alfred Matthews) #15

(Patrick) #16


Wisconsin crowd rushed the court tonight after beating Purdue. Glad we did too. Don’t understand why it’s an “issue” for us other than the perception that “UH” has to defer to some unwritten sportsmanship rule lest we look to fit the stereotype of outlaws that many still want to pin on us (the Houston media and UT/A&M pervasive sports culture) and as if we’re not legit enough to be entitled, and “oh look at little UH and their overreaction to a win”. Celebrate the day on our own terms and f everyone else.


Strength in Numbers! Would’ve loved to see those sorry refs ‘scurry’ away when that happened.

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