Rutgers withdraws from 2-game series with UCLA


Games were to be played in 2016 and 2017 but moved to 2020 and 2021 at the behest of Rutgers. This would be a great series if we could slide into that slot.


Our non-conference schedule is full for 2020 and 2021. We still need a game for 2019 though.

Here are the P5 teams who also need a non-conference game in 2019.

Florida State
South Carolina

That’s a good selection if our AD can work it out.

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“Rutgers reportedly canceled its home-and-home series with UCLA to make room for the Syracuse series and must pay $500,000 to UCLA for backing out of the agreement.”

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On a possibly related note, the NRG people have not announced who’s playing in the 2019 Kickoff Classic.


UH Florida State would be a great game for the kickoff classic

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Our return trip to OU is currently scheduled for that weekend

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Wasnt NRG considered Neutral? could location be possibly moved there again?


I don’t think OU would willingly pass up millions in ticket sales and local economy weekend boost.

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We already have our 2 P5 OOC schedule locked for 2019 with OU and Washington St. We need to schedule a G5 team at home.


So there’s a rule somewhere that says we can’t schedule 3 P5 schools in a season? I’d like a reference, please.

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i was saying that because Hunter said going forward we will schedule 2 P5 and 2 G5 schools for OOC. Not sure what Pezman’s plan is going forward.


Yeah. We don’t wanna go to the Rose Bowl in a greater market area of 21,000,000.


Tired of the pac12 complacent arse. Rather play the SEC or Florida St.


Are you saying that you would rather go to Starkville Mississippi than Los Angles?


Football is more relevant in Starkville than Los Angeles so for a good college game day and game time atmosphere, you betcha.


I attended both of our most recent games in L.A. and believe the game day and game time atmosphere was great. You haven’t lived until you have walked a golf course filled with UCLA fans tailgating.