Sampson Contract Already

(zx504) #1

When are Khator and Tillman going to give in and not make ridiculous demands? Get this done and end the speculation. Future recruiting depends on a long term contract. Everyone except for the recruits know contracts mean nothing anyway.

Put some additional money into the assistant pool.

Further, Sampson needs to give a little also. The buyouts mean nothing also because anyone that will want to hire the coach will have the money to pay the buyout so it’s not like it’s coming out of his pocket. Let the NBA or some mega program pay the $2M, it’s chump change to them and a lot to us.

We need an announcement on this contract extension. It’s too critical of a time with the new arena.

(Dustin K) #2

As I haven’t heard anything about ridiculous demands, or anything else about his contract for that matter. What are you referring to? I assume it is rumors but was it reported?


what speculation, he is staying…all the speculation has ended
also no mega college program will touch Sampson from his history

(Kyle) #4

From what I understand the violation that Sampson committed and was suspended 5 years from coaching in the NCAA for isn’t even a violation anymore. Is this true?


Yes true, it was a texting violation


that true, but no big school will still touch him, because it happened twice…the last two major program he coached under went into probation…no big time program can justifiable hire him

he is in a position that we are bigger than most programs that would take a chance on him…the ones that can outbid us and fan us, can’t risk it … it is extremely unlikely another college will take him


Their loss, I say. The NCAA is so often just retarded, imo.

(Paul Marlow) #8

Why do we need to badmouth our own coach that almost got us to the sweet 16? It serves no benefit to this board or the program. He just helped us get the Jumpman deal.


wasnt trying to badmouth, just stating what it is…there was hysteria that he was going to leave, my response was that i don’t understand the hysteria, his history will prevent him from being a hot commodity
and would it not benefit the board if their isnt constant hysteria that he will leave?

(Munzell Milluns) #10

Was he suspended from coaching for five years? That’s #@# ridiculous considering what goes on in the NCAA.

(Patrick) #11

Contract is coming…patience.

(Kyle) #12

For his second violation he was suspended from coaching for 5 years. That’s when the Rockets made the playoffs and lost to the Trailblazers in the first round. The Rockets defense became nonexistent after Sampson left…

(Tom Green) #13

He was texing and driving!:grin::grin::joy::joy:

(Tom Green) #14

We not going anywhere . Stuck in this wet heat, still figuring that one out.:joy::blush:

(zx504) #15

Patrick… we’ve been hearing the same line, “contract is coming, don’t worry” since early February

(Mike Higdon) #16

As far as I know, CKS is still under contract, so there is no rush to get it done immediately. It will get done and we don’t need to worry about it. It’ not like the guy is a free agent with no contract and we better hurry before he is snapped up.

(David) #17

I would think age plays into it as well (will be 63 this year). If no one wanted stink on their hands, Calipari would not have a job.

(Patrick) #18

Takes time. Pezman just came on and Fertitta’s been busy with the Rockets. They’ll take care of him when things settle a bit.