San Antonio Commanders

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I don’t know which is more accurate. I’m not saying there isn’t inconsistency. I just don’t think it’s driving Ward vs. Murray comparisons. There’s more to that one.


At the end of the day, most players in the AAF are playing there in hopes of ending up in the NFL. If Ward’s best shot in the NFL is as a receiver, he’s better off trying to make a name for himself as a receiver in the AAF.

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and do you want to know why? MONEY.

how many AAF games have you been to to watch GWJ and the other coogs? I’d venture to guess zero.

Aggies WILL go to watch Manziel. They worship him.

It all comes down to money. They will make jerseys and sell them out as quickly as they can stock the shelves. Its pathetic, but true.


Agreed, just like why I follow the Commanders because of our Coogs, time to bring back VY and that Williams dude

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Good info and Greg played while being injured. It affected his throws and decision making. There is a world of difference between Murray and Greg. One played at a P5 School and the other did not.


That’s the issue. The ever so ubiquitous “they” never quantify “best” but its a word that’s tossed around more than a joint at Woodstock; yet, “best” is a subjective term innately(see varying evals). I would love to see some scouts and GMs release their official breakdown of GWJr’s film that determined his “best” fit. It’s automatically assumed that smaller athletic QBs should switch to WR, while others of certain schools are encouraged to try. As I’ve already stated, there are two things going on here:

  1. Either a QB is too small
  2. A QB is “big” enough but has too many issues upstairs to be a NFL QB

Lamar Jackson (upstairs) and Murray (size) both exhibit knocks on GWJr. that were not specified, just implied. Lamar Jackson the one-read guy was not a better QB (upstairs) than GWJr. Murray is not bigger( size) than GWJr. So what truly gives?

He was cheated.

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Looks like Farrow is hurt

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Commanders win. Farrow scores a TD

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I am enjoying watching due to the tie to UH players, but my gosh the offenses are just unimaginative and boring. Maybe its due to the retread/past their prime head coaches.


Tried watching some…

AAFC, WFL-1, USFL, WFL-2, WLAF, XFL-1, UFL and all the variations of Arena/Indoor League…minor league/non-NFL football is brutally tough business to succeed in


As much as I like football I probably wouldn’t be watching much of this league if not for the UH connection. I watch San Antonio to see Coogs and I’ll have the other games on, half watching half not, just to see how they stack up. The offenses are starting to catch up, first few weeks were tough watching.

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All-AAF team

QB: Garrett Gilbert, Orlando Apollos
RB: Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio Commanders
RB: Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego Fleet
WR: Charles Johnson, Orlando Apollos
WR: Rashad Ross, Arizona Hotshots
TE: Nick Truesdell, Salt Lake Stallions
OL: Avery Gennesy, Atlanta Legends
OL: Kitt O’Brien, Birmingham Iron
OL: Jordan McCray, Orlando Apollos
OL: Michael Dunn, Birmingham Iron
OL: Jeremiah Poutasi, Salt Lake Stallions
K: Nick Rose, San Antonio Commanders

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Further, on Saturday, April 6 (12:00 PM, ET), CBS will also televise the Memphis Express against the San Antonio Commanders at the Alamodome. CBS Sports Network will televise an encore of the game on Sunday at 4:00 PM, ET.

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Ward with a great punt return TD.


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Did anyone else hear about Kaepernick offering to join the league for $20 million? He can’t pass up any opportunity to feed his critics more material.


Pretty sure that is old news. It was back before his settlement so he couldn’t take any jobs for cheap or his payout from the NFL wouldn’t have been as high. My guess is he will be in this league next year playing for the standard contract.

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